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XADO DPF Cleaner - Diesel Particulate Filter Treatment Additive - Cleaning Diesel Exhaust System XADO US

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Product Description

Diesel fuel additive. Also comes in a bigger packaging specifically designed for Diesel Semi-Trucks or Big Equipment Xtreme DPF Cleaner

Highly effective means for diesel particulate filter cleaning without dismantling (during vehicle operation).
Contains combustion catalysts which ensure easy burning and removal of soot particles from the filter.
The filter is cleaned and restored.

Learn more about DPF Cleaners and How to Clean Them

  • Cleans the diesel particulate filter in installed condition
  • Is added to the tank before filling
  • Helps avoid expensive repairs
  • Can also be used in Regeneration Systems
  • Easy to Use
  • Removes soot particles from the filter.
  • Cleans the diesel particulate filter in installed condition.
  • Is added to the tank before filling.
  • Helps avoid expensive repairs.


1. Add to the fuel tank before refilling.
2. Drive the vehicle for minimum 30 km at a speed of 2,500-3,000 rpm.
Maintain the rotation speeds for 30 seconds each time.


1 bottle (250 ml) of the additive for up to 16 gal of diesel fuel


Use in all types of diesel engine with diesel particulate filters (including with regeneration system).
Effective for a light and medium blockage of the diesel particulate filter.
The additive should be used after every 1500 to 3000 mi.
The additive is compatible with all types of diesel fuels.


Additional Information:

The topic of DPF - a is increasingly relevant nowadays. From our experience, we have come to the conclusion that this is a topic that is quite underestimated, but which leads to serious problems in case of untimely measures.

We at XADO have a solution that, if used systematically, will save you a lot of headaches and money. The solution is ATOMEX DPF Cleaner and Restorer. The product is mainly aimed at passive DPF regeneration. It contains combustion catalysts that increase the rate of fuel combustion, which further increase the exhaust gas temperature, aiding combustion and the removal of soot particles from the filter. The filter is cleaned and rebuilt. If the DPF - a is clogged above 45% the additive will assist in active regeneration with the additional increase in exhaust temperature.

Quite often DPF -a problems are related to nozzle blockage issues, EGR valve blockage from soot clogging, throttle body problem from fouling, etc. For these problems, our solution is ATOMEX Multi Cleaner and EGR valve and flow meter cleaning spray.

With our products you will achieve safety and peace of mind, for you and your vehicle - at a minimal cost.

What is passive regeneration?

During long highway trips, "passive" regeneration occurs. This is a process that requires no intervention from the engine computer, only monitoring and if necessary adjusting the goviro and air mixtures to momentarily raise the temperature. Passive regeneration relies on the elevated exhaust temperatures of extended travel (temperatures between 350 and 500°C in the DPF). The procedure is slow and continuous.

What is active regeneration?

Active "regeneration" is when the engine ECU intervenes. This occurs when the DPF monitoring sensor (G450/G505) signals that soot in the DPF is 45%. The procedure takes about 5 - 10 minutes. This is most commonly seen with engine peripheral problems, injectors, a faulty G450/505 sensor, a software problem, EGR system failure, or an intake system failure. The ECU takes action to raise the engine exhaust temperature to above 600°C, these include shutting down the EGR system completely and increasing the fuel injection period. Generations after 2011 have a 3rd injector cycle called post injection. It is entirely for the regeneration of the DPF. If you find this cycle repeating more than once, you have some problem with the periphery of your engine, not the DPF.

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