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Difficult start (gasoline engine)

There are several reasons of difficult start of the engine, especially in cold weather. The most common reasons are bad combustibility of fuel-air mixture and/or difficult cranking of engine with starter.

Until the reason of malfunction is not found and eliminated, the agent for easy engine start can be applied. The agent contains special components, which promote combustibility. To start the gasoline engine, spray a small amount of the agent into the air filter or into the air intake collector.


Quick START — Spray for quick engine start


To make start of the engine easy during the cold season it is recommended before winter-time operation:

  • To clean the fuel system with – fuel system cleaner for gasoline engine
  • To use low-viscosity motor oil at low temperatures: SAE 0W-30(40), 5W-30(40). The smaller is the number before W, the better low-temperature properties the motor oil possesses. Cranking will be easier by engine start, oil will get faster to all spots demanding lubrication.
  • To treat the spark plug wires and spark plug points with the universal thick spray lubricant VERYLUBE Universal silicone lubricant.
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