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XADO Xtreme DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner for Semi Trucks

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Product Description

Diesel fuel additive. Highly effective means for diesel particulate filter cleaning without dismantling (during vehicle operation). Contains combustion catalysts which ensure easy burning and removal of soot particles from the filter. The filter is cleaned and restored. Features: Removes soot particles from the filter. Cleans the diesel particulate filter in installed condition. Is added to the tank before filling. Helps avoid expensive repairs. 

  • Removes & Dissolves Soot Particles From the Blocked Filter
  • Cleans & Regenerates Diesel Particulate Filter without Disassembling or Dismantling the DPF
  • Increases DPF Life Span
  • Helps Avoid Expensive Repair and Maintenance Cost
  • Specifically Created for Commercial Diesel Vehicles /w Cummins, Detroit, Caterpillar (CAT), Mack, International, Volvo Engines


1.Add the necessary amount of the product into the fuel tank before fueling.

2. Drive the vehicle in regular mode. 


1 can (500 ml) of the additive for 500 litre diesel.


Use in all types of diesel engine with diesel particulate filters (including with regeneration system). Effective for a light and medium blockage of the diesel particulate filter. The additive should be used after every 5,000 km. The additive is compatible with all types of diesel fuels. 


Can 500ml

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