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Loss of engine power (acceleration capability)

Engine power largely depends on operation and condition of various engine systems and mechanisms: ignition system, fuel system, valve timing, parts of the cylinder-piston group, intake and discharge manifolds.

Probable reasons \ Recommendations

Main reasons for engine power loss:

  1. Reasons related to the operation and condition of the ignition system
    • inappropriate operation of the engine control system (early/late ignition, malfunctioning signal for the injector opening etc.)
    • condition (puncture of insulation or protective caps) of spark plug wires, coils
    • inadequate spark plug heat rating
    • moisture on contacts of spark plug wires and system elements

    It is necessary to adjust the operation of the engine control system and eliminate its malfunctions, replace the defective elements and install appropriate spark plugs. Moisture needs to be removed, and the contacts of the ignition system elements need to be cleaned.

  2. Reasons related to the operation and condition of the fuel system, intake and discharge manifolds
    • contamination of fuel filter, fuel lines, injectors.

      Cleaning of the fuel system:

    • Contamination of the air filter or decrease of the air inlet capacity (significant carbon and tar deposits on the manifold elements, throttle sticking)
      • Replacement of the air filter
      • Cleaning of the intake manifold elements:
      • Mechanical damage to the elements of the fuel-air mixture distribution system
      • Use of low-quality fuel, fuel with inappropriate octane/cetane rating

        To eliminate the results of using low-quality fuel and enhance the fuel properties introduce one of the following products into the fuel:

        • Atomеx F8 ComplexFormula (Gasoline) Product for protection of the engine from results of using low-quality fuel *
        • Atomеx EnergyDrive – Engine power amplifier*
        • VERYLUBE Cetane + (Diesel) – Additive for improving the quality of diesel fuel

        To decrease the freeze point of diesel fuel, the following products can be seasonally introduced into the fuel:

        To remove moisture from the fuel, use:

        • Aquastop – water remover from gasoline
        • Verylube Fuel system cleaner (Diesel)
      • Decreased efficiency of the fuel pump

        To ensure antiwear protection and compensate the wear of fuel pump parts, as well as units and assemblies of fuel equipment

        • Atomеx F8 ComplexFormula (Gasoline) – Product for protection of the engine from results of using low-quality fuel *
      • Catalyst converter/particle filter is plugged

        Cleaning of catalyst converter/particle filter in a way recommended by the manufacturer of replacement of catalyst converter/particle filter.

  3. Reasons related to condition of parts of the cylinder-piston group and valve train
    • decreased compression due to the wear of piston rings

      - if the wear of piston rings is not critical, the engine should be treated with XADO Revitalizant® for gasoline engine, Revitalizant® EX120 for gasoline engine, 1 Stage Revitalizant® or AMC Maximum, according to the application instructions.

      - if the wear of piston rings is critical and the cylinder geometry (diameter, ovality) does not exceed the limiting wear, it is necessary to replace the piston rings. In order to provide better adjustment of new piston rings, it is advisable to apply XADO Revitalizant® for cylinders onto the operating surface of the cylinder (area of contact with piston rings) during the engine assembly, afterwards provide 15–20 strokes of the piston. Further engine assembly is carried out as usually.

    • decreased compression due to sticking of piston rings, significant carbon deposits on the surfaces of pistons and combustion chamber

      In order to decarbonize stuck piston rings, use Verylube Anticarbon, which is a quick-action compound for decarbonizing stuck piston rings of gasoline and diesel engines. Verylube Anticarbon is introduced directly into the engine cylinder. Before changing the engine oil, you can also apply Atomex TotalFlush – oil system cleaner with piston rings anticarbon effect.

    • Unsatisfactory condition of valves (wear of valve stems and valve guides, valve leakage in the seats, burning-out etc.) wear or damage to parts of the valve train drive.

      Replacement of defective parts, adjustment of the valve train


* the product is manufactured separately for gasoline and diesel engine.

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