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Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant

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Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant is an innovative 3-component product specially formulated for treating vital engine parts in cars with oil system capacity up to 5 qt. Due to Revitalizant the product reduces friction, rebuilds worn metal in engine parts and creates protective coating against future wear, thus providing tools-free restoration and anti-wear protection. Product application prolongs the life of your engine and allows avoiding expensive repairs in the future. One treatment lasts for 60,000 miles!

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  • Rebuilds worn engine metal and reverses metal wear
  • Increases power and acceleration
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increases engine cylinders’ compression
  • Decreases noise and vibrations
  • Restores lost oil pressure up to nominal level
  • Protects metal parts from overheating and overloading
  • Improves oil lubricating properties and tribological characteristics of engine parts
  • Increases engine service life
  • Reduce exhaust emissions toxicity (CO2, CO, HC)
  • One treatment lasts for 60,000 miles

Technology and certificates

  • TUV
  • 3G generation
  • 62000 re-treatment interval


Make sure the automobile engine is warmed up to normal operating temperature. Turn off the vehicle. Shake the bottle for one minute and ensure it is at room temperature so that contents flow freely. Pour the contents into the engine oil reservoir. Start the car and let the engine idle for five minutes. Then drive as you normally would. It takes 600 to 900 miles to complete the Revitalization cycle, during which changing oil is NOT recommended.

Granules of Revitalizant completely dissolve in motor oil at normal operating temperature.

1 Bottle (225 ml) is enough for engine with an oil capacity of 5 qt. Larger vehicles with higher oil capacities may require more.

Attention! Not intended for use in internal combustion engines with a special hardening coating of the cylinders (ALUSIL, LOKASIL, NIKASIL, GALNIKAL) due to the absence of the material necessary to form a stable ceramic-metal layer.


  • Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant works in all gasoline-powered, natural-gas and diesel engines of passenger cars and trucks and 4-stroke motorcycles with oil system up to 5 Quarts
  • Can be combined with all types of motor oils, from full synthetic to mineral oils
  • It takes 600 to 900 miles to complete the Revitalization cycle, during which changing oil is NOT recommended
  • Repeated application of Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum is recommended after 60,000 miles
  • For the highest level of protection for your vehicle’s engine use XADO Atomic Oil or Atomic Metal Conditioner HighWay during each oil change in the future. AMC Highway contains 5.5% (RF5.5) of the active ingredient necessary for 1 complete revitalization cycle

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  • Product review «Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant»:
  • Marco_Ina_Honda 5 stars

    Been dealing with Glenn.He has me running the Revitalizant in my Honda Civic. I also used the EX120 in CVT and has smoothed out a bit. I am content on my purchase and bought a two pack of Verylube Turbo and will use it a couple of times in between the 60,000 mile treatment of revitalization which is red like gel that goes in the crankcase. Been treated very well by Glenn at XADO.

  • Tony F 4 stars

    My 1999 Buick Century has 169,000 miles and after 600 miles, the ticking in the engine when first starting the car has been reduced from around 7 minuets to less than 2, and it is not as loud as before. Hopefully it will stop altogether.

  • RKI 3 stars

    I have Honda Civic 2012 Automatic with 98,000 KMs on odometer, drove 2000 KMs after pouring this Conditioner. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any major difference and infact my average has been reduced by 3 KMs per litre after this treatment. I think reviews here are manipulated or only goid ones are coming, others are not writing their reviews.

  • Edward David 5 stars

    Works perfectly for Toyota Innova 2010. it totally reduces noise and vibration. Outstanding product

  • Bdlesch 5 stars

    I have a 2011 F-150 with the ecoboost engine. They are known to have timing chain noise on cold start up. I put the product in my engine on the way home. The next day the noise was gone and has remained gone. I will use this in all my engines from now on!

  • Chris A 5 stars

    Own 1993 Toyota MR2 Turbo 250,000 kilometers.Motor never apart and well looked after 5k oil changes by me.Started smoking at idle (valve stem seals?) and this product (i tried 4) was the ONLY product, which quietened the motor, gave more torque/power/engine response, higher oil pressure AND STOPPED THE SMOKING.Magic product, repeat customer, liquid gold

  • George Foster 5 stars

    My Mustang threw a rod out the side of the block. I added a bottle of the metal conditioner and it straightened the rod, repaired the rod bearing, resurfaced the rod journal to factory specs and then completely repaired the 5 inch hole in the side of the engine block!!! This stuff is amazing!!!!

  • Andrii 5 stars

    Fast delivery, excellent communication, the product is much better than the description, I recommend everyone because it is better and more reliable technology and for such money !!! simply does not exist today ...

  • Mike 5 stars

    Before use Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum, I got 29 mpg ave. and after my mpg is 33.9. I just love this product. 2014 VW Passat S 2.5L auto 6

  • Franky Newlander 3 stars

    Tested this product on my 10 y/o car with digital fuel measurement. Made no difference in either power or fuel consumption. But didnt increase or do any bad things to the engine either. Nor good or bad from my experience.

  • Kevin Kochan 5 stars

    I drive a 2010 Chevy Cobalt 2.2L with a manual transmission with 110,000 miles. I decided to go all in and get the Manual Transmission car kit. I'm actually pretty impressed with the outcome. I flushed the motor, pretty surprised how black the oil actually came out, definitely did its job. Threw in the motor metal conditioner. Within 3 weeks, it feels as if I just drove this car off of the lot. I can tell you with 100% confidence that this treatment works. After adding the trans treatment, I can say that slight vibration is gone but nothing as drastic as the motor treatments results. Overall, I would have to say the trans treatment worked. The power steering fluid I can't say anything about because my car has an electric power steering system instead of a hydraulic type power steering system. I put in the revitalizant for the fuel system. Yes my gas mileage has improved but I think the main cause of that was due to the motor treatment that I did as well.

  • Tomo Meek 5 stars

    Excellent product!!! I put the Stage 1 in my 95 Toyota Tacoma 4cyl for a test and within a month, it truly feels like I added a 5th cylinder!!! So impressed with this product, that I am rebuilding my 1982 Honda CR480 and have reworked it to a CR625! Purchased the 2-Stroke Oil and look forward to running a 50 to 1 premix for my beast! Images and updates to come! Five friends have now applied your Stage 1 to their vehicles as well. I have Hot Rods and a couple of Dragsters that will be treated as well! Now, what lube do you recommend for Drum Hardware & pedals? Have to keep my gear ready for the stage!!! Let me know. Thank you, Tomo Meek Professional Drummer

  • zvi farkas 5 stars

    i used 'amc 1 stage maximum revitalizer' in a 1200 skoda turbo motor with 70000 miles. iwas pleasantly surprized to see and feel the motor performing fantsticly with smooth fresh power to spare.thank you xado.

  • EC Ong 5 stars

    Put 1 stage AMC into me old banger, and found an amazing improvement in NVH from the engine and gearbox. Cant remember the engine feeling this good in a long time. Highly Recommended!

  • Mike 5 stars

    Your product made a believer out of Charlie and I! We did a compression test on my 4 liter V6 04 Ford ranger before adding the 1 stage revitalizant, and got a reading of 160 psi! After adding the AMC 1 stage to fresh oil and putting on around 600 miles, Charlie and I did another compression test and we got a new reading of an incredible 179 psi!!!!. The engine purrs like a cat and when it is at curb idle, I can barely hear it running! WOW! I also added the 1 stage to my 5 speed manual transmission, and only after a short time, it was shifting a lot cleaner and smoother!! I will be adding your 1 stage highway revitalzant at my next oil change. I'm sold, you have a new XADO customer!! Great product!!

  • Dale 5 stars

    I love this product. I put max stage one.fuel cleaner and transmission shot in my 2011 malibu lt. Car ran great before adding. I started feeling results 38 miles into my treatment now im 1300 miles in and she runs like a beast, better response ,transmission shifts smoother and quicker and i gained 2 mpg. This weekend im putting in the oil. Thanks xado great product.!!!!!!! C.T.

  • Volt Technologies 5 stars

    I put the XADO Truck Kit in our 97 F-150, Ext Cab, Flareside, 4x4 with a 4.6 Liter engine. Engine smoked excessively upon warm up. Smoked so badly I couldn't drive it on the road, so put about 15 hours of idling on it, before driving it on the highway. After about 50 miles of highway driving the exhaust no longer had oil smoke in it, to the point where it is driven regularly now. Engine had 180,000 on it at the time.

  • bill 5 stars

    I put this in my 97 mustang cobra and it has increased in power gas pedal got more responsive n the lifter nock that I was hearing when I started it has went away I highly recommend this product

  • Rex 5 stars

    I also saw this ad in Motor Trend Magazine on every issue of the Month. I decided to give it a shot. I have a Nissan Altima 2006 2.5 S. The car has 131,290 mileage 12/2/13 starting point. According to XADO, the revitalization cycle will be completed after 600 - 900 miles. Skeptical I was so I made a note. On 12/10/13 the car reached 131, 892. I begun to noticed something. Could not believe it, but " WOW " was the word of the day. The car runs smoother, I also noticed its a bit more quieter, and it accelerate faster. My fuel consumtion begun to shift as well. From city 21 per gallon to 23, from 27 highway to 30 on regular gas. The car now has a mileage of 131,920 thats almost additional 100 miles 12/13/13. The car now is running even better than before. I smile everytime I hit the gas pedal, it just accelerate quick and smooth. It feels like the time when I bought the car when it was only 31, XXX miles.

  • blake hannigan 5 stars

    I have five cars, 01 vw tdi,99 chev 1500 truck 4.3.02 gmc 5.3v8 ,04 bmw 330i,pp buick ulra. The 99 truck has 311000 on it and a knock in the engine. this almost fixed the knock. But really nothing will except a new engine. It runs great now and the mileage has improved. The vw tdi has about double the power and better mileage, the 02 v8 I just did today. After about an hour I could feel the difference. This is the best ever made for an engine. Wish they made it for sircraft

  • John 5 stars

    I own vehicle that is listed on the top ten used car list, the vehicle is a joy to drive. The B6 version of Honda's Prelude is as perfect an automobile as can be expected in a JDM mfg. I thought there was no room for improvement, until I tried a Xado product. Near unbelievable improvement to one of Japan's best motors (H22). My 98 Prelude feels like an electric car, smooth, quiet, strong, and far too much fun. I am a believer in the motor treatment, and shall surely use the other products to further enhance my driving experience, mpg. I highly endorse and recommend Xado products.

  • Joe F. 5 stars

    I have a 1998 Mazda Protege with 310,459 miles on it. Have used XADO stage 1 AMC twice now, 32mpg! Power almost like new! This stuff is great!! Before I put Stage 1 in, my mechanic said the compression was real bad and I should junk the car. That was 76,000 miles ago! If you don't use Stage 1 you're crazy!!

  • Richard P 5 stars

    I received the package of all products and applied them as directed to my 2000 Chevy Impala LS. Well what to my wondering eyes should appear --- Huge improvement in MPG --- From Best before in town mileage of 19.5 to 20.0 --- Now 25.7 --- this is way more then I would have expected. I am very pleased and amazed with the result.

  • Nick McCausland 5 stars

    I added the treatment to my Ford Focus with 98000 miles and I've noticed it has been running smoother and the fuel economy has gone up some. I'll definitely buy this stuff again.

  • Paul S. 5 stars

    WOW! This product is AWESOME! I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota V6 with about 161,000 miles on the engine. The truck had always been well maintained, but the engine had lost some compression and acceleration and gas mileage was steadily getting worse no matter what product i used to improve the performance. At this point i was seriously considering a engine rebuild or a re manufactured engine being installed to get my beloved truck back to its old self. I read about this product in a auto magazine and then did some research online and decided to give it a try. Almost immediately i could tell a difference in the improved acceleration and the rough idle just disappeared! Within 200 miles of use of this product i noticed a significant improvement in gas mileage as well. For once, a product that actually performs the way the product says it will. I am very impressed with the product and will continue to buy products from xado. Give this product a try, you wont regret it.

  • luis 5 stars

    This is good stuff... my engine runs very smooth and i gain a lot of horse power on my 94 F150 that I use for work every day.. I gain some more miles per gallon of fuel too.. I bought the 1 tage and the stuff for the transmission too.. I first use the EX 120 for my transmission because i wanted to try it first... I liked the first product I use and did the treatment on my engine and I love it... i think it realy worth its price.. may seem a high price for very small amount of product but it will make you think on use it again in the future or in your other cars... all the aditives you can buy normaly are recomended to be used on every oil change... this stuff claims to last for 62000 miles, it sure will pay for itself a lot faster than that!!!!

  • Troy P. in SoCal 5 stars

    I’m impressed! I've got a full size ‘88 Ford Bronco V8 with 200,000+ miles. It's been babied its whole life, but it drove like a 25 year old truck with 200K on the clock. I put the Xado Maximum in at an oil change at 199,400 miles, plus 3 vials of the Xado auto transmission treatment. I didn't notice anything for the first few hundred miles. But at 300 miles I started to notice better acceleration and smoother shifts, plus better mileage. At 500 miles the truck was smoothing out, takeoffs were faster, and mileage had increased by 2mpg (not bad when you only get 10mpg!). I now have 750 miles since I added Xado, and the acceleration is improved, the transmission shifts smoother, and she purrs like a kitten (or maybe a large lion), and I'm still getting 2mpg more than I used to. I decided to come back and leave this review tonight after my Chevy-driving neighbor said "Hey, your Ford sure is sounding great, better than it used to. What'd you do to it?" Xado, that's what.

  • Nehemiah Nowlen 5 stars

    I put the small pack into our push mower and within 5 minutes of operation the engine slowed and was very smooth. No usual vibrations as from a single cylinder unit. Also used in my 2005 Malibu(oil, power steering and transmission) and after 1500 miles there is a very definite improvement with all 3 items. A great product.

  • Sammy Samuelson 5 stars

    Had a 2003 Taurus with compression in 2 cyls down to 170#,added three tubes,and compression was restored ! Also had a customer ready to replace a compressor to the tune of $10,000 bucks. Two XADO tubes later ,the electric motor couldn't keep up with the refurbished compressor ,was replaced and an $8,000 expenditure was averted! And they then added XADO in three other compressors in different locations,and are very pleased to say the least!! Thank you

  • tim 5 stars

    This stuff works. My engine is more quiet at idle, I get better acceleration which is important during lane merges and passing in the freeway. I didn't measure MPG as the main reason I got it was to improve compression and therefore HP. Would recommend this and plan to get another bottle for my other car.

  • Sam 5 stars

    I put this in my 2007 Chevy Silverado (60K miles). Up to this point, I have been good about getting my oil changed, and I've never had any problems with the truck. After 500 miles or so after using this product, I noticed that it has increased my gas mileage about 1 MPG. I am going to put it in my son's 2001 Chevy Silverado. I'll try to get compression readings before and after and post the results.

  • Nick 5 stars

    Have a 2004 Ford Superduty Diesel with 195000 miles. I did the full treatment (Kit automatic transmission (gas&diesel)), Engine oil, transmission, power steering, fuel, everything. Truck starts and runs soooo much better now, my injectors even work properly now. Noticeable increase in fuel economy also.

  • Stu Т. 5 stars

    It has been less than a month since I put XADO in my wife's VW Passat with 188K on it. How we did it 2005 VW Passat: 1.)We drove a day trip so that after the adding of XADO to the vehicle we put on around 500 miles. 2.) Right about 100 - 110 miles the car just started to smooth out. Just like a new car feel except this one has 188K on it. 3.) At the end of the day got almost 4 more mpg and we had an appreciable increase in power. The power increase surprised us. Actually think that it has as much or more get up and go than when it was new. 4.) The car is quieter. 5.) We save $4.70 every 500 miles or $564.00 over the 60K miles life of XADO (using current fuel costs)! After 800 miles we have 3.5 more mpg. What I experienced led us to order a "set" for every vehicle - three cars and 3 trucks and a couple of tractors!

  • Jimmy 5 stars

    Helped my car with thousands in repair. Still working after 5,000 miles.

  • Jerry Lemmon 5 stars

    I purchased Xado 1 stage maximum Atomic metal conditioner for my 1993 Subaru which has 188,000 miles. The car didn't have any problems, yet when Xado was added the engine smoothed out right away. I've put about 1300 miles on the car and my milage has gone from 22mpg in town to 26.39mpg in town. Needless to say, I am impressed. I really wasn't looking to improve my milage just give a faithful older car a helping hand. I have used your product in my 5 speed transmission too. XADO rocks!

  • Bob 5 stars

    2002 Impala, 3.8 engine. Was 28 MPG highway, now 31MPG highway

  • gibson 5 stars

    This product is amazing! I used it in my '99 5.7L Chevy Tahoe that has 120k+ miles on the odometer. Results are just as adverised with a very noticeable increase in power! Highly recommend this and will use in every car I own!

  • David Smith 5 stars

    I used 3 bottles of AMC in my 2001 Ford F-350 Super-Duty, equiped with a 7.3 Turbo Diesel engine, with 130,000 miles. after 500 miles it improved my fuel milage from 12mpg to 18mpg. The engine compression went from 17:1 to 20:1. It runs like a new truck, I am impressed to say the least. I use 3 bottles because my engine uses 15+ qts. of oil. I now have approximateley 132031 miles on it now, and I am getting ready to due an oil change.I use Castrol 5-40 oil.

  • Greg 5 stars

    I've been testing various additives and synthetic oils etc for over 20 years. I must say that this is the best product out there and it really does work as advertised! Try it and you will be very happy with the results.

  • Clayton 5 stars

    After I saw a full page ad in Motor Trend Magazine I decided to give Stage One a try in my 2008 Subaru STI. My car has 88,000 miles on it and after 2000 miles my car has gone from 21.3 miles per gallon going back and forth to work to now 23.1 and it even hit 24 at freeway speeds and i have to burn premium and the oil I use is Motul

  • Alex 5 stars

    Amazing effect. I think must have it

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XADO Atomic Metal Conditioner is one of the magnificent product, the 3rd generation of XADO Revitalization Technology with additional 2D Sliding Agent and Metal Conditioner which provides instant metal 'Healing' & 'Revitalizing' effect upon application. It's easy to use and you can see the result within 10 to 30 minutes.

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