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Xtreme Conditioner

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Product Description

Metal Conditioner is a product from the modern Nano Ologien and is suitable for the instrument's complex protection and restores The friction structural components from a variety of engines including engines with turbocharger. Features: Increases the engine power Increases compression Reduces the noises and vibration Improvement to the dynamic properties of the car Reduction of oil consumption Protect the motor against wear and tear 'Relief the "cold start" Reduces the harmful emissions  The solution has gentle cleansing properties which provides decarbonization of the rings. To achieve the maximum effect the product should be used on a regular basis. The increases resistance to motor wear of two to four times. 

  • Increases the power of engine
  • Increases the compression
  • Decreases the noise and vibration level
  • Decreases oil consumption
  • Improves the dynamic characteristics of car


1. Add the necessary amount of the product into a warmed up engine or into a transmission unit (gearbox, transfer case, differential, axle, final drive).
2. Operate your vehicle in regular mode.

3. The metal conditioner works during the whole oil life span.


Optimal concentration for the engine - 0,5 - 3% of the oil volume.

For transmission units: 3 - 5 % of the oil volume. 


The compound is compatible with all types of engine oils.
It takes about 600 miles to complete the treatment cycle. During this time oil change is not recommended.
Repeated application is recommended after 62 000 miles of run.
To provide the highest level of protection against wear it is recommended to use further XADO Atomic Oil.


500 ml can

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