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XADO Repairing Grease - EXPIRED

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Size: 125ml


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Product Description

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Universal consistent lubricant. Contains Revitalizan®. Compensates for up to 80% wear.

Used to repair assemblies and mechanisms operating at high loads. Forms a metal-ceramic coating on the surfaces of the friction pairs, restores the original geometry of the parts. The lubricant can repair parts that work at high loads and high speeds and can no longer be repaired within the framework of conventional repair measures and impart its restorative properties to other lubricants.

  • Completely restores the geometry of the parts
  • Seals seizures and micro-cracks
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Removes surface defects and traces of corrosion
  • Withstands high rotation speeds




Meets the requirements of the following specifications:

  • NLGI 3 (ASTM D217)
  • KP2K-20 (DIN 51502)
  • ISO-L-XBCEB 3 (ISO 6743-9)



For assemblies that require regular oil changes, we recommend using XADO PROTECTIVE LUBRICANT in the future.

Recommended for use in mechanisms and assemblies subject to wear up to 80%. Can be used with all lithium-based automotive and industrial lubricants and mixed in any ratio.

The lubricant is very suitable for repairing bearings (up to 10,000 rpm).

Not recommended for new assemblies and parts!

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