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XADO Mottec High-Speed Chain grease ROAD

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Product Description

Specially developed for high-speed and heavy loaded chains of motorcycles

It is applied for lubrication and antiwear protection of bicycle and motor equipment chains.

Owing to revitalizant+PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) complex provides professional protection of motorcycles and motor equipment against wear even at overloads.

  • Possesses increased adhesiveness, sticks to the chain under influence of high circumferential speeds
  • Possesses exceptional penetrability, reliably greases all surfaces of chain links
  • Prevents chain extension
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Due to PTFE provides extra light sliding of chain parts
  • Owing to the revitalizant compensates current wear of parts

Application instructions

Remove dirt and old grease residues. Shake the can. Spray the grease onto the inner side of the chain along the whole length and let it dry during 5-10 minutes. Apply every 300–500 km of run and each time after contact of the chain with water.

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