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XADO Radiator Flush

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Product Description

Product Overview

Enhance your vehicle's performance with XADO Radiator Flush. Designed for all radiator types, it effectively removes rust and scale, boosting engine efficiency. Easy-to-use for routine maintenance, it's eco-friendly, ideal for various vehicles. Ensure optimal cooling and engine protection with XADO

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Comprehensive Cleaning Capability: XADO Radiator Flush is adept at removing various types of contaminants, including rust, scale, and sediment. This thorough cleansing preserves the radiator's efficiency and prevents overheating.

  2. Compatibility with All Cooling Systems: The formulation is universally compatible, making it suitable for use in all types of radiators, including those in cars, trucks, and other heavy-duty vehicles.

  3. Protection Against Corrosion: Beyond cleansing, this flush offers a protective layer against future corrosion, safeguarding the radiator components from premature wear and damage.

  4. Easy Application Process: Designed for user convenience, XADO Radiator Flush is simple to apply. It requires no special tools or professional assistance, making it accessible for both amateur and professional users.

  5. Enhanced Heat Transfer Efficiency: By removing blockages and buildup, this product ensures that the cooling system operates at peak efficiency, enhancing the overall performance of your vehicle.

  6. Environmentally Considerate: The formulation is developed with environmental impact in mind, ensuring that it is as eco-friendly as possible without compromising on performance.


Application Instructions for XADO Radiator Flush

  1. Warm Up the Engine: Start your vehicle and allow the engine to reach its operating temperature. This process ensures that the cooling system is ready for the cleansing action of the Radiator Flush. Once the operating temperature is reached, turn off the engine.

  2. Add XADO Radiator Flush: Carefully open the bottle of XADO Radiator Flush and pour its entire contents into the radiator tank. Ensure that the radiator cap is securely closed after adding the product.

  3. Run the Engine: Restart the engine and let it idle for approximately 10 minutes. During this idling period, turn on the heater to its maximum setting. This step allows the Radiator Flush to circulate through the entire cooling system, effectively removing any build-up of rust, scale, and other contaminants.

  4. Drain and Refill: After the 10-minute idling period, turn off the engine. Safely drain all the water from the cooling system, ensuring that you remove all the Radiator Flush solution and the loosened contaminants. Once fully drained, refill the cooling system with fresh coolant according to the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.

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