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Difficult start of the diesel engine

  1. Low compression in engine cylinders
  2. Wear-out of plunger and barrel in the fuel pump
  3. Diesel Fuel Geling During the Cold Weather
  4. Injector nozzles contamination, malfunction of injectors, black exhaust smoke
  5. Starter malfunction and/or low battery charge
  6. Glowplug System Malfunction
  7. Fuel filter contamination


  1. Because of low compression in diesel engine's cylinders - engine starts better during warm times compared to cold. Reasons for low compression in cylinders are: cylinders wear-out, damaged or fully destoyed piston rings, carbonated piston rings, damaged intake valves, burnt piston's body.
    In case if piston rings are carbonated it is recommended to use Anticarbon Cleaner. You should spray it through glow plug for every cylinderю Or you can spray it into injector holes.
  2. If you are planning to do an oil change soon - you might be interested in Atomex Total Flush - oil system cleaner with a Anticarbon Effect.
  3. If the damage to cylinders and piston rings is not critical - we suggest making a full restoration of the engine oil system with a Diesel Engine Revitalizant Tube;. OR Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant® FOR DIESEL TRUCK
  4. Also the most common reason of the difficult diesel engine warm start - wear-out of the plunger and barrel of the fuel pump. If plunger and barrel are worn out - cold fuel can be transported; however, as soon as the fuel warms up - it becomes more watery and cannot be transported by plunger and barrel easily. 
    If a damage to plunger and barrel is not critical you may restore their function by doing fuel system flush and applying Revitalizant for future protection
    Recommended fuel system cleaners for diesel engines: Recommended XADO Revitalizant for worn-out Plunger and Barrel:
  5. In order to decrease the possibility of Fuel Geling, it is recommended to add the following product to the diesel fuel regularly at the cold temperature not higher than 41°F:
  6. In case of severe contamination of injection nozzles - regular application of fuel system cleaners for diesel engine is recommended(shown in p. 4).
    Black exhaust smoke can be a result of critical amount of contaminations in the diesel particulate filter (DPF).
    If there is injection nozzle malfunction - appropriate test has to be done and all injectors have to be changed.
  7. In case of starter malfunction - starter replacement is recommended. Weak battery should be eather recharged or replaced.
  8. In case of fuel filter clogging - it should be replaced and the preventative fuel system cleaning should be conducted using same products described in p.4. (after fuel system cleaning - there could be a need for fuel filter change).
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