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XADO Revitalizant Snipex

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Product Description

XADO® SnipeX gel-Revitalizant designed to revitalize - restore, protect and increase the resource of rifled barrels, as well as accuracy of a firearm

US PATENTED PRODUCT. Made using technology and approval of XADO Lube B.V., the Netherlands. Formulated for firearms (hand guns, machine guns, rifles, carabines) with rifled barrels of all types, despite of their caliber and intentional use (combat, sports, hunting, etc.), with regular or chrome surfaces. Has very little effect on smooth barrels.

  • Restores the geometry of the bore channel (complete obturation)
  • Increases grouping by 80% at 100 yards
  • Increases killing power of the given ammo
  • Stabilizes gyroscopic positioning of the bullet (better penetration roundness at target)
  • Protects barrel from wear and corrosion
  • Increases life span of the barrel up to 10 times
  • Makes new firearm a higher class weapon
  • 1-time application guarantees wear protection for up to 3000 shots

SnipeX gel-Revitalizant for rifle barrels is an advanced new product, featuring the patented revitalization technology. SnipeX restores/repairs the rifled barrels affected by: erosion from heat, micro cracks, chrome knock offs, caverns, traces of corrosion, worn out rifling lands. SnipeX upgrades characteristics of new firearms to make them a higher-class weapon.

Packed in a handy tube, SnipeX is easy to apply and treats the barrel in just 30 shots. With no tools, no down time, SnipeX will restore the barrel's inner geometry from scratches, micro-cracks and spalls. The result: drastically improved grouping, increased roundness of shots and killing power. In addition, it will protect the barrel for up to 3,000 shots.

Package: plastic tube, 27 ml, blister, manual, gift color box



Official edition of North American Hunters Club regularly carries out tests of special products. Everyone can participate in such test; new product is provided cost free. The main condition is – participants are to leave a reference about the product at the club’s website. According to the results of such test the product is given a mark. This time American shooters have tested Gel-Revitalizant SnipeX, which has obtained a high mark – 78% of positive references!

In such a way North American Hunting Club recommends SnipeX and confirms its high quality and efficiency by the official sign of approval.

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