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Diesel-Lux - Improve properties of diesel fuel and clean the engine fuel system - EXPIRED/NO PACKAGING

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Product Description

This item is part of our special Sale category, offering significant savings at 50% off the original price. Please note that this product is sold as-is and is non-returnable and non-refundable. It may come with minor damages, lack original packaging, or have other unique conditions. Despite these factors, the item remains functional and presents a valuable opportunity for discerning shoppers. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.


Quickly cleans the fuel system from all types of sediments and contaminations. Protects injector needles from burning and clogging up with gum residues. Diesel-Lux Winter (for winter season) significantly decreases the freezing temperature of summer diesel fuel and prevents formation of paraffin crystals.

• Cleans the fuel system from carbon, gum residues and lacquer deposits; protects
it from wear and corrosion.
• Increases cetane rating.
• Improves fuel combustion.
• Protects high pressure fuel pumps from wear and corrosion.
• Reduces fuel consumption.
• Decreases toxic exhausts.
• Removes moisture from fuel.


Squeeze out the contents of the tube
into the fuel tank before fueling.
Compatible with all types of fuel.
VERYLUBE Diesel-Lux Winter is to be introduced when warmed up to the temperature of +20...25 °С into non-thickened (transparent) diesel fuel.
Expert's advice
To make the application easy, squeeze out the contents of the tube into a fueling nozzle before fueling.


Diesel-Lux Summer
Prophylactic dosage (with each fueling)
1 tube of 10/20 ml for 50/100 L of fuel.
Repair dosage
(single application) 1 tube of 10/20 ml for 20/50 L of fuel.


Diesel-Lux Winter
1 tube of 10/20 ml for 50/100 L of summer diesel fuel.


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