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The engine is smoking

If you pay attention to the colour of the exhaust smoke, you can make a preliminary diagnosis as to what’s wrong with the car:

  • The engine smoke has a distinctive blue colour.
    Probable reasons: wear of the cylinder-piston group, valves, valve guides, valve stem seals, sticking (carbonization) of piston rings, wear of bearings of turbine supports or seals in turbine engines, absence of spark in one of the cylinders (malfunction of the electric circuit).
  • The engine smoke is white.
    Probable reasons: moisture in the engine and exhaust system, malfunction of the cooling system. Insignificant smoking by cold start (especially by cold weather) is considered normal. If the engine continues to smoke even after being warmed up to the operating temperature, it is necessary to take the car to a service station.
  • The engine smoke is black.
    Probable reasons: malfunction of the fuel system, it is necessary to take the car to a service station for a diagnostics.


Decarbonization of piston rings: Anticarbon − anti-carbon engine cleaner is introduced into the engine cylinders through spark plug holes.

Cleaning of the oil system: Vita Flush − oil system cleaner is added into the motor oil (150 to 620 miles of run).

Increase of oil viscosity: Atomex Complex oil treatment − anti-smoke oil treatment.

Treatment of the engine with Revitalizant®: Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant® or 1 Stage Engine Revitalizant® for gasoline and diesel engine.

Due to the application of Revitalizant® in the engine, surface defects on the cylinder bore are eliminated, the geometry of parts is restored, which provides increase of cylinder compression, improved clearance sealing, as well as decrease of oil consumption and smoking.

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