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Increased oil consumption, smoking (blue smoke from the exhaust pipe)

There can be several reasons for increased oil consumption, main of them include stuck piston rings and wear of the cylinder-piston group, more rarely — contamination of the crankcase ventilation system.

Reasons / Recommendations

  1. The usual reason for stuck rings (coked oil in piston ring grooves) is engine overheating. However, sticking may occur during regular operation if the engine has been operating with low-quality fuel or oil for a long period of time. Carbon deposits building up in the grooves decrease the mobility of piston rings, thus damaging the seal in the cylinder-piston group which lets oil out. The rings need to be decarbonized. Decarbonizers contain special substances dissolving and softening high-temperature lacquer deposits which are then removed from the cylinder-piston group.
  2. Increased wear in the friction pair “cylinder wall to piston ring” leads to deterioration of the seal of the cylinder-piston group, which can result in increased oil consumption. The occurring wear can be eliminated with the help of Revitalizant®. Revitalizant® compensates wear in the cylinder-piston group, optimizes clearances and, as a result, normalizes the oil consumption.
  3. Contaminated crankcase ventilation system.

    If the crankcase ventilation system malfunctions, the pressure in the crankcase increases which can lead to increased oil consumption. The system needs to be cleaned.

    This can be done mechanically, by disassembling the engine, or by applying car care products (due to the enhanced washing properties of the engine oil).

    Use Vita Flush − oil system cleaner (120−620 miles of run).

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