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XADO Xtreme Diesel Antigel, Winterizer & Deicer

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Product Description

XADO Diesel Fuel Additive: Antigel, Winterizer & Deicer

Elevate your diesel truck's performance in the coldest of climates with XADO, the ultimate diesel fuel additive. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and a multifaceted approach to fuel enhancement, XADO ensures your vehicle operates at its peak, even in the most frigid temperatures.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Revolutionary Formula: Enriched with Revitalizant® nanocomponent, XADO's complex formula is your secret to improved low-temperature diesel fuel properties, ensuring a smooth and efficient drive every time.

  • Pour Point Depression: Experience unmatched winter performance as XADO significantly lowers the pour point of summer diesel fuel (#2) from –10 °C to –22 °C (from +14 °F to –8 °F), and winter diesel fuel (#1) from –35 °C to –47 °C (from –31 °F to –53 °F).

  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to cater to all types of diesel fuel, XADO is universally applicable to diverse fuel feed systems, including the sophisticated Common Rail and Unit Injector (Pumpe-Düse) systems.

  • Enhanced Fuel Combustion: With a cetane rating modifier, XADO optimizes fuel combustion, promoting effective spraying and leading to substantial fuel economy.

  • Ultimate Protection: Featuring Revitalizant®, XADO safeguards your high-pressure fuel pump's plunger assembly against wear, ensuring longevity and reliability even with moisture ingress.

Application Instructions:

For impeccable results, gently mix the pre-warmed (+20…25 °C or +68…+77 °F) XADO additive with your diesel fuel (in its clear, non-thickened state) following a precise ratio of 1 to 1,000.

Dosage Recommendation:

Use 500 ml of XADO Diesel Fuel Additive per 500 L (~130 gal) of fuel t

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