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Malfunction in engine operation after fueling with low-quality fuel

Is it possible to disable the engine with just a few liters of low-quality gasoline? Yes, as it turns out. And acceleration or ignition failures are not the worst. Sometimes it results in stuck piston rings, worn honed finishing of cylinders, bent valves, catastrophic wear of compression rings, completely plugged oil pump suction manifolds and a strange substance instead of motor oil, which reminds lubrication grease by its consistence.

Especially dangerous is fuel which contains tars, unsaturated hydrocarbons an also benzene, xylene, toluene. Such “fuel” does not completely combust in the engine forming contaminations. These contaminations get into the crankcase and quickly destroy all additives, which were present in the motor oil, building the consistence unsuitable for engine operation. It does not lubricate the engine at high temperatures and immediately destroys it at low temperatures. That is why just one fueling with low-quality fuel ruins the engine. It is possible to reduce negative consequences through the increase of detergent and other properties of fuel by adding special additives before fueling. Additives provide complete combustion with smaller amount of tar contaminations and, acting as a solvent of these contaminations, prevent coagulation. In case if low-quality fuel got into the engine, it is necessary to clean the fuel and oil systems of the engine and change the oil.