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Xado Tribological Test Reports

We are constantly asked by our customers whether our products work. The internet if rife with comments that all additves are "Snake oil". Many of these comments are made by competitiors or individuals who lack the knowledge of the extensive tribological research that have examined the effects of Xado in the minuntest detail.

We wish to share with you the facts that XADO products do work. We list below example of independant research and papers that are freely available on the internet. Try and search for these yourself.

The support for our technology can't get much better than coming from the Society of Tribologist and Lubrication Engineers who have confirmed that the technology behind out products is a proven.  Society of Tribologist and Lubrication Engineers is the premier technical society serving the needs of more than 10,000 individuals and 150 companies and organizations that comprise the tribology and lubrication engineering business sector.  The Serbian Tibology Society have also issued an independant research paper verifying the technology.


Society of Tribologist and Lubrication Engineers

Serbian Tribology Society


N.B. We wish to recognise and thank the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers as well as the Serbian Tribology Society for the use of these articles.

Xado Electron Microscope Scans

There are further independent electron microscope scans of the metallic surface structure of two engine pistons. They are taken before and after using XADO and clearly shows the CERMET surface created.

These are part of an extensive test carried out by the Scientific Research Institute Chin Huan University.  Thier full report can be viewed in the following power point presentation.


Scientific Research Institute Chin Huan University

The above presentation includes the following detailed electron microscope scans of the surface of a 12V-90 diesel engine cylinder after it had been treated with XADO revitalazant. The test reports scans show how XADO revitalazant has created a cermet (ceramic/metal) layer within the micro cracks and fissures on the metal surface of the cylinder wall.

The first test report scan shows all the micro cracks and fissures filled with the cermet structure.  The remaining scan images show a fissure in the middle of the first scan image, which due to its size was not totally filled.  It is within this area that the individual cermet particals can be seen in different states of magnification.

Xado Institute Chin Huan University 200 Xado Institute Chin Huan University 3 Xado Institute Chin Huan University 2 Xado Institute Chin Huan University 1

We hope the above convinces you that XADO products work.  If you still need further infomation we suggest you refer to our testimonials written by people who have used our products.

XADO revitalization has the potential to revolutionized the contemporary ideas of vehicle and mechanism operation and repair.


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