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What is REVITALIZATION® and how does it work?

REVITALIZATION®: An Innovative Energy-Saving Technology

REVITALIZATION® is an energy-saving technology designed for the protection and restoration of vehicles and mechanisms. This proprietary development of the XADO company features the REVITALIZANT® component, which acts as a reaction catalyst. During the reaction, metal carbides are formed and subsequently diffuse into the operating surfaces of the mechanism.

Understanding the Underlying Science

Atoms in solids are bound within a rigid structure known as a crystal lattice. The movement of atoms inside the metal is characterized by minor fluctuations, with a slight probability of atoms leaving the crystal lattice. This process is explained by the Boltzmann equation:

Here, 0 is the initial concentration of atoms, represents the jump energy, is the Boltzmann constant, and denotes the temperature.

Further study reveals patterns that increase the likelihood of diffusion in solids. Additional energy and elevated temperatures enable an atom to vacate its node, suggesting that the probability of diffusion escalates exponentially with temperature increases, as implied by the Boltzmann equation.

Another intricate mechanism in play is the vacancy mechanism, described using the concept of a vacancy density gradient, akin to the gas concentration gradient. Fick’s law of diffusion in solids is represented as:


Here, is the diffusion flux, is the diffusion coefficient, and is the initial vacancy density.


When the crystal lattice of solids is disturbed, diffusion occurs in the presence of “vacancies,” which represent various types of surface damage. The probability of the diffusion reaction heightens with additional energy.

The essence of REVITALIZATION® is as follows: Operational loads on friction pairs, particularly during overloads, release excess thermal energy leading to wear and tear. However, introducing REVITALIZANT® into the friction zone catalyzes the formation of metal carbides, creating a new protective coating. The wear products and carbon molecules from the lubricating material combine to form carbides, thus converting the energy of destruction into creation, particularly in zones most susceptible to wear.

Demonstrating the Technology

Consider a bearing raceway intentionally defected using an engraving cutter, simulating magnified operational damages. This defect serves as a concentrator, potentially leading to part destruction.

The bearing, treated with XADO Repairing Grease for severely worn units, exhibits a rough original surface with deep grinding marks. The central point defect, created for testing, measures over 0.5 mm in diameter and up to 0.7 mm in depth.


Post-treatment with the grease, the bearing is subjected to a load of 8,000 N at 1,000 rpm for 15 minutes. The resultant REVITALIZATION® produces a ceramic-metal coating, eliminating surface defects. The modified surface appears smooth and glassy, with factory grinding marks erased. The defect elimination progresses from the edges to the center, gradually filling the crater.

The completion of the REVITALIZATION® process, as evidenced in the final photograph, highlights the composition's regenerative properties. With over 30 years in the market, XADO company incorporates this technology in most of its products, a testament to the brand’s innovation.

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