EX120 - Enforced Action



Revitalizant® EX120 is an amplified Revitalizant® which is designed for restoration of worn engines including high-powered and supercharged ones. Due to ceramic-metal layer which is formed on the friction surfaces engine parts are restored and their service life is extended by to 2-4 times. XADO Revitalizant® EX120 contains 20% greater concentration of the active component, that’s why the resource of the restored surfaces is higher.

Revitalizant® EX120 reviews.

Revitalizants® EX120 are considered to be the best in the range. Based upon the customers’ reviews, the following advantages fully refer to them:

Reliable restoration and protection of friction parts in cylinder-piston group against wear, as well as regeneration of crank-and-rod and valve train mechanisms;

Fuel consumption reduction (up to 7%);

Increase of oil pressure in the system;

Equaling and increasing of compression in cylinders;

Power and acceleration enlarging;

Noise and vibration decreasing;

Components service life increasing by 2-3 times;

Engine “cold start” consequences protection;

Even by a catastrophic oil loss you’ll still be able to operate the vehicle (up to 185 miles).

Where to buy XADO.

At our xado.us on-line store the best XADO Revitalizants® are presented. The range of products includes amplified Revitalizants® for gasoline as well as diesel engines, and Atomic Metal Conditioners and other products.