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Revitalizant Snipex

27 ml
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Gel-Revitalizant® for gasoline and diesel engines performs the function of anti-friction protection, and also has an ability to restore worn surfaces of parts and components without it disassembling. How it works? Active components in gel compound enable formation of a new ceramic-metal coating on the friction pairs surfaces. The renewed by Revitalizant® engines serve by 2-4 times longer.

Gel-Revitalizant® reviews.

Basing on the customers reviews XADO Revitalizant product is one of the best of this kind of products in automotive chemical and fluids. You do not want to disassemble your car component and to maintain an overhaul? Then XADO products will help you to restore it: Revitalizants® for cylinders, classic Revitalizants®, amplified, as well as 3d generation Revitalizants® for gasoline and diesel engines.

In the range of XADO products there are also Revitalizants® for gears, metal conditioners and a lot of other products. Positive XADO reviews are the best guarantee for the products quality.

XADO Revitalizants® are the guarantee in extreme situations.

Right after treatment by Revitalizant® your car is under super protection by XADO. XADO automotive products’ effectiveness was proved many times by the way of “dry” driving. The first who drove the car with dry crankcase was O.Plotnik. He made 110 miles on his car with no oil in it. The second resonant testing was a “dry” driving in Narophominsk (Russia, Moscow region) on a car with 4 passengers. A world-class racer A.Salyuk obtained confirmation of XADO products effectiveness when he brunt his tires having completely “dry” engine. These and other testings showed that car treatment by XADO is not only a way to save on engine repair, but also a reliable protection in extreme situation.

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