3d Generation AMC



Mechanism operation provokes load appearance on operating surfaces of friction pairs. Overloads are the cause for excessive energy to be generated. This energy negatively affects all engine parts. Introducing a special building material (Revitalizant®) into friction zone enables parts restoration as well as their wear elimination due to a protective ceramic-metal layer formation.

Revitzliant®. Features.

Revitalizant® for gasoline and diesel engines is designed for anti-wear protection and restoration repair of engines without their disassembling. Due to Revitalizant® the geometry of the engine friction surfaces is restored and its resource is enlarged thank to a new ceramic-metal layer formation. The renewed engine with restored performance level will be the result of Revitalizant ® application. It’s interesting to know that XADO Revitalizant® for internal combustion chamber was tested by a large German company, called TÜV. The results after testing supported the properties of the product claimed by the manufacturer.

Revitalizant® for diesel engines is used for restoration of a diesel aggregate when there’s a need to eliminate disassembling of the engine. It’s worth mentioning that according to statistics data engines renewed by Revitalizants® serve by 2-4 times longer.

1 Stage Revitalizant® is applied to protect the engine directly during its operation and to restore the component on the atomic level. 1 Stage Revitalizant can be used as for gasoline so for diesel engines.

Metal Conditioner with Revitalizant® is a product of a new generation which possesses not only restorative capabilities, but also improves motor oil lubricating properties that positively affects fuel consumption economy. Local precise break-in of the parts provides minimum friction losses and maximum resource.