1 Stage Engine Revitalizant for gasoline and diesel engine

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XADO 1 Stage Engine Revitalizant is a 1-step engine treatment that rebuilds metal and protects worn metal from future wear. One 27ml bottle contains enough active ingredient for a complete 100% (RF100) cycle of revitalization for an automobile engine. The difference between this product and 1 Stage Maximum Atomic Metal Conditioner is this product is only the raw, active ingredient – Revitalizant - in gel form. Revitalizant has been independently tested and proven to increase compression, decrease fuel consumption, increase horsepower, and reduce toxic emissions.

No matter how well a car is maintained, high heat and friction cause a car’s engine to become worn, scratched, and mis-shaped over time. Adding just a tube of XADO 1 Stage Engine Revitalizant to your engine oil rebuilds worn engine metal and coats the rebuilt metal at the friction points with a self-regulating layer of ceramic-metal to prevent future wear. Unlike other engine treatments that must be added during every oil change, 1 Stage Engine Revitalizant needs to be added only ONCE for 62,000 miles of protection.

XADO’s innovative patented nano-technology is the result of 20 years of research and development. When added to an automobile’s engine oil, Revitalizant rebuilds worn engine metal at the atomic level, reversing wear, restoring engine geometry, and coating engine metal with a layer of ceramic-metal to protect against future wear. Revitalizant is activated by high-heat and friction, so it only repairs metal at high-friction points where metal wear occurs. Revitalizant leaves crank-cases and non-friction metal unaffected. The protective layer of Revitalizant does not cake, flake, or alter oil viscosity. This makes it safe to use in even the most sensitive vehicles. 1 Stage is compatible with all motor oils, from full-synthetic to mineral. XADO’s Revitalizant technology has been independently tested and proven to work

  • Rebuilds worn engine metal and reverses metal wear
  • Restores lost compression in cylinders
  • Improves engine power and acceleration
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Restores oil pressure
  • Can double or triple the life of an engine
  • Protects against damage from cold starts
  • Decreases toxic carbon monoxide and dioxide emissions

Technology and certificates

  • 3G generation

Make sure the automobile engine is warmed up to normal operating temperature. Turn off the vehicle. Insure the tube is at room temperature so that contents flow freely. Empty contents of the tube into the engine oil reservoir. Start the car and let the engine idle for five minutes. Then drive as you normally would. It takes 600 to 900 miles to complete the Revitalization cycle, during which changing oil is NOT recommended.

*Granules of Revitalizant completely dissolve in motor oil at normal operating temperature.

*1 tube treats an automobile engine with an oil capacity of 10 quarts of oil. Additional treatments are necessary for larger engines with higher oil capacities. As a general rule, use one tube of 1-Stage for every 10 quarts of oil.

*Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately and show the container or label to medical personnel. Avoid release into the environment; refer to special instructions/ Material Safety Data Sheet.

*Material Safety Data Sheet is available for professional user on request.


  • 1 Stage Engine Revitalizant works in all gasoline-powered, natural-gas, and diesel engines of passenger cars and small trucks and 4-stroke motorcycles with oil system up to 10 Quarts
  • Can be combined with all types of motor oils, from full synthetic to mineral oils
  • It takes 600 to 900 miles to complete the Revitalization cycle, during which changing oil is NOT recommended
  • Repeated application of 1 Stage Engine Revitalizant is recommended after 62,000 miles
  • For the highest level of protection for your automobile engine use XADO Atomic Oil or XADO HighWayMetal Conditioner (RF5.5) during each oil change. XADO Highway contains 5.5% (RF5.5) of the Active ingredient necessary for 1 complete revitalization cycle. A complete oil change using XADO Atomic Oil also provides 5.5% (RF5.5) of the revitalization necessary for a complete Revitalization cycle

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  • Product review «1 Stage Engine Revitalizant for gasoline and diesel engine»:
  • chet 5 stars

    have been running stage one in my cars and in my daily driver for almost 2000 miles and am still amazed at the smoothness,power and increased gas mileage benefits. My little roadster that I use on weekends now runs the way it always should have. love the increased power thanks xado.

  • APDiaz 5 stars

    Used the 1 Stage Revitalizant in my '94 Accord with ~240K miles. My car was experiencing poor acceleration; annoying engine noise when accelerating; and air puffing out when the oil fill cap is removed with engine idling. After approx. 200 miles, noise was completely eliminated, responsive acceleration and no air puffs. I've since added 1 Stage Revitalizant to all my other vehicles. Great product!

  • Franco Concepcion 5 stars

    I wanted to get a new or newer used car because of my aging 2001 Toyota Corolla only problem i have with this car is mileage so high 277,708 engine is already weak I found out about this revitalizant from Motor Trend mag , i decided to give it a try , added Vita Flush before oil change , maxi flush fuel system cleaner . After oil changed i added 1 stage revitalizant at 277,708 . After driving the car at approximately 150 miles after adding the product i begin to feel the significant change on the accelaration , the mileage is now 278,405 and i am a very happy , satisfied with this amazing product , my high mileage car is back to life the compression had increase it's like am driving a brand new car now thank you so much Xado , next thing i will try is revitalizant for automatic transmission and i would definitely add 1 stage revitalizant into the engine every 60 K

  • Keith P. 5 stars

    added xado stage1 revitalzant to my 2004 Subaru WRX, the car has over 60,000 miles on engine rebuild and over 300 HP. The first thing I noticed is that the engine ran smoother and made less noise.I took vacuum readings from my vac/boost gauge at idle and normal operating temp. right before adding the xado.I noticed after driving the car a few hundred miles that the vacuum gauge started showing higher hg/in at idle and after 700 miles the vacuum gauge pulled 3 in/hg higher at idle at normal operating temp at the same elevation, that tells me that the xado must have sealed the engine cylinders and piston rings up a bit. The car has a bit more power and 3 mile per gallon better mpg when driving it easy that is. I Put xado in our 2003 buick regal gs (supercharged) with pretty much the same results.

  • Chingiz Bopiyev 5 stars

    I added the product to my 1995 Mercedes E320 right before a long run, so it would do the cure right away. After I was done with 900 mile trip, the next day cold start of car gave me a smile! I could feel increased compression. Engine would start so easy, I started thinking of horse-power gain (regain). I can actually tell that engine was much stronger, improved throttle response. I was driving a little reckless: stepping on a gas and enjoying immediate response and purring sound of mechanics. At the next refuel I thought my MPG was down, but it appeared it was same as before applying XADO. So MPG gain, for sure positive!!! Highway - 26-27 mpg (windy, rainy), city - 18-20 mpg (active driving). Original values 24 and 18 respectively. Does it make any magic? Somehow. I mean, I am now recommending the product to all of my friends. If you have an older car or a new one and want to increase its life, BUY XADO!

  • Jack L. 5 stars

    When first introduced to the XADO product I was intrigued by the concept of the nano technology. I changed the oil and put the XADO into the crankcase as directed. My engine had 74,000 miles on it at the time and was starting to show its age. After about 800 miles the compression increased enough to actually hold the vehicle to no more than 30 mph in second gear without applying the brakes. In fact I was impressed enough to get the power steering, fuel injector and automatic transmission revitalizants and installed them with confident anticipation. After the product worked itself in to the relative equipment I realized improved steering control, the thump in the transmission disappeared and my fuel economy improved another mile per gallon. I would recommend this product to anyone with a car that is starting to hit higher miles as it returns the engine and other treated mechanisms to like new condition. This stuff really works!!

  • Christopher 5 stars

    Tried the Vita Flush before my oil change, put Stage 1 in my oil fill as directed afterwards. Before I was getting 17.6 MPG, I drove 40 miles home and the computer said 21.3 MPG!!! Engine is more quiet, performance ALOT better and an increase in my MPG of almost 4 miles. I am sold!