Manual Transmission Oils



In manual transmissions special transmission oils are used. They must fit each vehicle by viscosity grade and by performance characteristics. Also such factors are taken into account like welding load and diameter of wear spot. XADO transmission oils are deservedly considered to be one of the best transmission oils in the market. XADO transmission oils contain Revitalizant which protect transmissions parts from wear. Transmission oils reviews.

The range of transmission oils is quite wide that’s why the reviews and testimonials on their application differ greatly. Synthetic oils have the major part of positive reviews. However more beneficial is to buy mineral transmission oils.

XADO manual transmission oils have a set of additives including anti-scoring ones as well as atomic Revitalizant. Its patented formula guarantees easy and smooth operation and extension of service life of the component.

Among benefits of XADO transmission oils are:
  • Providing smooth gear shifting due to perfect operation of gears;
  • Wear and oxidation stability;
  • Proving of the maximum possible changing intervals;
  • Easy and smooth operating, oil perfect viscosity;
  • Flawless operation even under low temperatures.

Where to buy transmission oils of the best quality at the reasonable price?

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