XADO Atomic Oil 5W-40 Diesel Truck

XADO Atomic Oil 5W-40 Diesel Truck

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Premium Heavy Duty Diesel Full Synthetic lubricant

XADO Atomic Oil 5W-40 Diesel Truck is a fully synthetic motor oil for diesel engines found in trucks, buses and industrial vehicles based on so called low-sulfated ash technology. This means that sulphur, phosphorus and sulphated ash concentrations are reduced radically to protect the exhaust gas after treatment systems.

Specifications and technologies

meets the requirements of specifications:
API: SM / CJ-4 ACEA: E7 / E9 (08)
meets the requirements of the OEM:
MB 228.31 Volvo VDS-4
MAN 3275 Renault RLD-3
Cummins 20081 CAT ECF-2 / ECF -3
MTU Type 1 and 2 Mack EO-O Premium plus
MB 228.51 engine test requirements only DD93K218, DD93K215 and DD93K214
  • XADO Atomic Oil 5W-40 Diesel Truck was engineered to offer exceptional protection against the stress of heat, soot contamination and acids to help prevent corrosion, deposits and wear.
  • XADO Atomic Oil 5W-40 Diesel Truck deliver improved fuel economy performance over conventional 15W-40 diesel oils.
  • XADO Atomic Oil 5W-40 Diesel Truck will protect engines in cold climates by allowing oil to pump faster than conventional SAE 15W-40's to ensure proper lubrication on start-up.
  • XADO Atomic Oil 5W-40 Diesel Truck is a socalled Long Drain oil due to its special synthetic formulation and long-drain additive technology and is therefore suitable for extended oil change intervals.

Typical values:

Density @ 20°C kg/l 0,854
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C cSt 14,3
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C cSt 86,8
CCS Viscosity @-30°C cP <6600
Viscosity Index - 171
Flash Point °C 201
Pour Point °C -51
Sulfated Ash Content wt% 0,99
Total Base Number mgKOH/g 10,4


barrel 60 L (Art. ХА 20635)
barrel 200 L (Art. ХА 21735)

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