XADO 15W-40 SM/CJ-4

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Semi synthetic motor oil for super high performance diesel engines (SHPD), meets American requirements of API CJ-4, can be used in gasoline engines, meets the requirements of API SM.

Contains atomic revitalizant.

Specially developed to meet current (2007) European, American and Japanese requirements for toxicity of exhaust gases. Particularly recommended for diesel engines of American trucks, including those equipped with the exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) and/or diesel particulate filter (DPF).
Possesses outstanding oxidation and thermal stability as well as powerful detergent and dispersant properties. Guarantees reliable protection of the engine at extended service intervals.
Due to the revitalizant, XADO Atomic Oil 15W-40 SM/CJ-4 compensates the ongoing wear of engine assemblies and parts and maintains the highest technical level of the engine.

Specifications and technologies

meets the requirements of specifications:
SAE 15W-40 API SM/CJ-4
ACEA E7/E9 Global DHD-1
meets the requirements of the OEM:
Volvo VDS-4 MB 228.31
MTU type II MAN M3275
Renault RLD-3 Caterpillar ECF-3/ECF-2/ECF-1
Mack EO-O Premium Plus Cummins CES 20081
DDCPGOS 93 K 21  

Physicochemical properties *

Density at 20⁰С, kg/L 0,881
Viscosity at 100⁰С, mm²/s 15,3
Viscosity at 40⁰С, mm²/s 113
Dynamic viscosity at -20⁰С, mPa s <7000
Viscosity index 143
Flash point, ⁰С 215
Pour point, ⁰С <-30
Sulphated ash, % wt. <0,99

* typical indices


Take into account recommendations of the car manufacturer when using the oil.


barrel 60 L (Art. XA 20647)
barrel 200 L (Art. XA 20747)

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