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New XADO Atomic Oil 0W-20 SN/GF-5

XADO Atomic Oil 0W-20 SN/GF-5

5 qt
$ 45 .74



Motor oils are the most important products for operation of any car. That’s why when selecting the proper oil it’s important to be very careful. How to buy the best price-quality motor oil? Find tips below.

The best motor oils: selection and application.

The main aim of any motor oil is to provide a proper lubrication for the engine parts. The oil film on the surfaces of a part ensures stable engine work under all rotation diapasons. Besides that, oil helps to clean and cool engine, and to protect it from corrosion.

When purchasing oil it is very important to choose the correct store. It should be necessary the brand official representative or specialized store in your area. Moreover, you need to pay attention to the requirements of your vehicle’s manufacturer to the functional fluids when selecting the oil. You can get acquainted with this information by referring to a vehicle’s manual. Excluding formal requirements to a vehicle, usually specific brands of oils and lubricating materials are recommended by the manufacturer.

For example XADO motor oils will suit perfectly gasoline and diesel engines with supercharger.

Types of motor oils.

There are full synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral motor oils. What is the difference among them? The main difference is in the way of manufacturing and in the base materials. Mineral oils are manufactured from the crude oil by the way of refinery procedure and distillation. When speaking about the full-synthetic oil, these oils are manufactured by the synthesis of definite chemical compounds providing in this way the maximum chemical and thermal stableness. Semi-synthetic motor oils contains as mineral so synthetic compounds.

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