Car Kit (Automatic Transmission)

* Car Kit (Automatic Transmission)
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The Kit is specially designed for complex treatment of all main components and parts in a vehicle with automatic transmission. It restores and protects the surfaces of parts in the engine, automatic transmissions, power steering and fuel system.

The Kit contains 5 products specially composed together to provide a total synergetic effect after their application:

  • Helps to restore all vehicle’s performance characteristics up to the initial nominal level;
  • Enables to extend the service life of a component, restore nominal power, acceleration, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce exhaust gases toxicity!

Make your Car feel new!

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Review about CAR KIT . Car Kit (Automatic Transmission)

  • michael aguiire 5 stars

    This stuff actually made me feel a difference a day or 2 after putting it in! The atomic metal conditioner however I still have yet to feel the diffrence. Regardless the rest of the kit made a big difference to my project 3000gt. Will buy more for sure!!! Ps it would be nice if you guys added some kind of radiator flush as well.

  • Joe J 5 stars

    I used the Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 stage Revitalizant in my 2001 Ford explorer sport 3.0 v6 at 100,000 miles because of noisy lifters, bad fuel consumption. At 245,000 it still ran excellent I would be using the product once again in the explorer but I no longer have it. However I will be using these products in my "98" Pathfinder.. I would definitely and highly recommend these products to anyone who wants to prolong there vehicles motor, transmission, and fuel systems life. XADO thank you for a great product.