Desinfectant and deodorant for shoes

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XADO Shoes disinfectant and deodorant is a new product with active components for fast and reliable shoes disinfecting. Special bactericide and fungicidal components eliminate bacteria which cause the unpleasant odor in shoes and prevent their future formation thus protecting from the risk of a fungal infection developing.

  • Highly efficient product for shoes seasonal storage;
  • Efficiently eliminates unpleasant odors, prevents bacteria from developing and fungus infections;
  • Possesses long-lasting refreshing properties, deodorizes shoes;
  • Does NOT contain components that can damage shoes;
  • Due to a convenient aerosol spray treats the areas difficult to access;
  • Temperature range is from -20 + 50 oС (-4 … +122 oF).


It is an effective product for footwear hygiene.

Perfect for all types of shoes, can be used both for natural materials as well as for artificial ones.


Aerosol can 150 ml, art. XD 10092.

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