Leather care product (matte finish)

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Matte finish:

  • Cleans the leather surfaces from all types of contaminations;
  • Makes leather soft and elastic;
  • Prevents drying and cracks formation.

Effective product for maintenance and cleaning of leather furniture fabrics and other surfaces.

  • It penetrates into leather structure fast and removes contaminations;
  • Restores elasticity of leather;
  • Removes small cracks and grants matte finish;
  • Provides antistatic properties to leather surfaces, they become less dusty;
  • Creates moisture and dirt-repellant protective film;
  • Prevents leather aging and UV fading from the sun;
  • Can be used for natural and artificial leather.


Shake the can well. Spray light even coat on leather surface to be treated. Wipe softly with a cotton cloth or tissue.


It is recommended to test the product in an inconspicuous area first. Do not use for the items made of fleecy leather (suede, velour, nubuck). Use this product to maintain furniture not less than twice a year.


Aerosol can 150 ml, Art. XD 10034

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