Anti-mist spray for glassed and mirrors

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It is specially designed to solve the problem of becoming misted:

  • Prevents from getting misted, cleans and removes contaminations, protects from dust;
  • Ensures good visibility, safety and comfort;
  • Temperature rate from 0 + 50 0С (+32 … 122 oF).
  • Cleans glass and mirrors;
  • Creates long-lasting protection from moisture;
  • Prevents limestone film-like deposits;
  • Antistatic effect – the glass becomes less dusty and dirty;
  • It is safe when getting on interior items (wood, plastic, rubber);
  • Keeps wooden window framing from rotting and condensate influence.

Application area

  • Mirrors and glazed tile in bathrooms;
  • Glass and glazed tile in kitchens;
  • Car windows & mirrors;
  • Glasses;
  • Lenses of photo- and video-cameras;
  • Ski masks.


Aerosol can 150 ml, Art. XD 10071.

Aerosol can 320 ml, Art XD 10090.

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