XADO Restoring grease

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XADO Grease “Restoring” is designed for restoring of units and mechanisms operating under heavy loads. 

The grease forms a new cermet layer on friction surfaces: the parts grow in volume and restore their original geometry.

It extends the life span of the parts considerably.

  • Eliminates wear quickly
  • Prolongs life span of units
  • Eliminates scratches and microcracks
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Rejects heat from friction areas
  • Can stand high rotation speed
  • Compensates 50% wear
  • Eliminates corrosion and protects units from hostile environment
The patented formula of this up-to-date grease is based on a composition of XADO revitalizant and EP complex (Extreme Pressure).

Method of application:

Step 1: Remove the old grease.

Step 2: Fill 1/2 of unit volume with XADO Grease “Restoring”.


  • The grease is especially effective for restoration and protection of bearings from wear (up to 10,000 rpm)
  • If assembles require periodical grease changing you should use XADO Grease “Protective” later on

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