Penetrative Greases

Lock de-icer with grease

Lock de-icer with grease

150 ml
$ 3 .75



XADO Universal penetrating lubricant.

Automotive penetrating lubricants are used for parts protection against rust and corrosion. They help when lubricating of friction surfaces is required and are literally irreplaceable for all service stations.

Universal penetrating lubricants also help to restore mobility of joints; they clean parts from contaminations, defrost them and displace moisture. Specialists recommend using penetrating lubricants not only for auto parts, but also for other mechanisms, equipment. This type of lubricants is neutral to plastic, wood, paint-and-lacquer coating and rubber.

You can buy universal penetrating lubricant in XADO US e-store where the full range of products is presented. Also you can find here oils, Revitalizants® and a lot of other useful chemicals and fluids for your car. And you will be pleasantly surprised buy our prices!

US XADO on-line store offers several types of penetrating lubricants for your car:

Universal penetrating lubricant can be manufactured in the form of a spray and a gel. Spray lubricant contains Revitalizant® that’s why it works with all types of mechanisms, components, joints, equipment and even weapon. This XADO universal penetrating lubricant can be applied not only at service stations, by also DIY like preventive care.

XADO dense penetrative grease works for joints and components that require long-term care and also for lubricating of chains of bicycles and motorcycles. This grease is not less useful in agriculture where it lubricates two-wheel tractors, agricultural supplies, equipment. The grease gets easily into all joints of parts providing their long service life. Regular applying XADO penetrating grease can help you to prolong your mechanisms service life by 2-4 times.