XADO grease 300

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Semifluid synthetic grease

Contains atomic Revitalizant ® and compensates parts wear up to 30%.

It is designed to lubricate the sealed bearing units of loaded slow-speed equipment, operating under the temperature of +300 °С (572 °F).

It is applied for industrial equipment used in iron and steel plants, chemical plants, ore-dressing and processing enterprises etc. Could be applied as frost-proof grease.

  • Modern EP and anticorrosive additive package provides the excellent lubricating properties and insures high bearing capacity of the grease during heavy loads in bearings.
  • Has highly water-resistant properties
  • Long life span of XADO grease 300 is guaranteed by high mechanical stability and oxidation resistance
  • Due to atomic Revitalizant®, the grease keeps the surfaces of unit parts in perfect condition, prevents scoring and corrosion, reduces noise and vibration.
  • Increases the remaining life span up to 3 times.


  • Applied instead of usual grease after complete removal of old grease and unit cleaning
  • Necessary amount should be calculated for each particular unit or mechanism
  • Grease can flow out when using in open or half-open bearing units that’s why it is necessary to add small amount from time to time

Technical information *

Characteristics Value
Color, visually pink
Open flash-point, °С (°F) over 305 (662)
Application temperature range, °С (°F) -60 … +250
Tribological characteristics:
welding load (Рс), N
critical load, (Рк), N

over 1960
over 519

* typical values

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