Grease XADO Thermolube 300

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High-temperature consistent grease

It is produced and based on synthetic oil, inorganic thickener and special additives.

Wide field of application includes industrial equipment of different kinds, it is recommended as a high temperature grease, as well as labyrinth grease of bearing units, operating in weak-acid and high humidity conditions. Maximum operating temperature +300 °С (572 °F).

  • Structurally and chemically stable
  • Efficiently removes and protects from corrosion attack, it is resistant to aggressive environments, cold and hot water.
  • Compatible with plastics and elastomers.
  • Uses as labyrinth grease as well as multi-purpose grease in weak-acid medium


The grease is not compatible with mineral (including high-temperature) and most synthetic greases.

It is recommended to remove old grease and clean (flush) the unit before application of XADO Thermolube 300. Necessary amount should be calculated for each particular unit or mechanism.

Meets the following demands:

  • NLGI 2
  • KF FK 2 U-30 (DIN 51 502)

Characteristics *

Characteristics Value
Color white
Application temperature range, °С (°F) long-term: -30 … +260 (-22…+500)
short-term: up to +300 (up to + 572)
Penetration at +25 °С (+77°F), mmˉ¹ 280
Lubrication properties during the tests on a four-ball machine (20±5) °С: welding load, N >6000

*typical values

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