Grease XADO Thermolube 1000

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High-temperature lubricating paste of silver color; contains mineral oil, complex of hard lubricants and atomic Revitalizant®.

Effectively separates and seals sliding surfaces at operating temperatures up to +1100 °С (2012 °F), as well as in humid or aggressive environment.

Allows to prevent burning, welding or scaling.

  • Does not contain metals, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, tungsten disulfide, copper chloride
  • Resistant to heavy loads
  • Waterproof in cold and hot water
  • Possesses limited stability to acids and alkalis
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Posseses strong separation properties, prevents burning and scaling under long term high temperature influence.

Field of application

It is recommended as thin-film lubricating material for sliding surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys operating under heavy thermal loads. It can also be used as paste during the assembly of screw and swivel joints subjected to influence of corrosion, high temperature and other aggressive factors:

  • for screws and valves
  • for thickeners, glands and their stuffing-boxes
  • for thermal-loaded bushings and plain ways
  • for shape-generating surfaces of molds in the field of shaped casting of metal and dark polymers

Ensures reliable lubrication and protection from scoring and seizure of friction surfaces of thermal-loaded units and telescopic guideways of equipment at iron and steel plants, hammer shops, places with chemicothermal treatment at maximal operating temperature up to +1100 °C (2012 °F).


THERMOLUBE 1000 Paste cannot be applied as a full-fledged consistent lubricant or oil. It must be applied only where pastes are recommended.

Paste is applied on the clean surface after complete removal of old grease and surface cleaning. Necessary amount should be calculated for each particular unit or mechanism.

Technical information

Characteristics Value
Color silver
Density at 20 °С (68 °F), kg/l > 1,340
Dropping point, °С (°F) > 1000 (> 1 832)
Dispersion, mkm < 5
Penetration at +25 °С (+77°F), mmˉ¹ 325
Application temperature range, °С (°F) -10…+1100 (14…+ 2 012)
Lubrication properties during the tests on a four-ball machine (20±5) °С: critical load (Pk), N > 392

*typical values

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