All-Purpose Dense Greases



XADO general purpose grease

All XADO greases can be divided into general multi-purpose greases and special purpose ones.

The most popular among multi-purpose lithium greases are XADO greases.

Protective grease is a universal lithium grease which is designed for new parts, joints and bearings. It will help to significantly extend the service life of parts. Most commonly it’s used for new joints and bearings.

Restoring grease is used for parts restoration with wear rate up to 50%. It has Revitalizant® in it. This grease forms new ceramic-metal coating on the surface of parts. It enables restoration of initial geometry. The grease is used for restoration of all joints requiring dense grease application.

Repairing grease has strong repairing properties, that is why it is able to eliminated accumulated wear with rate up to 80%. It can be used for repairing of constant velocity joints, wheel and bearings and other loaded joints.

Dense silicon grease is designed for lubricating of parts made not only from metal, but also from rubber, leather, plastic, wood and other materials. Also this silicone grease is usually used for cables and levels lubrication.

XADO universal penetrating grease is used for restoration of mobility of joints, displacing of water, rust and corrosion protection. The grease has excellent flow and penetrates deeply into wedged or rusted joint. Also it can be used for lubricating of locks and hinges.

Special purpose greases can be divided into several types as well. They are:

High-speed grease;

High-temperature grease;

Special industrial greases.

All XADO automotive lubricants contain Revitalizant and thanks to that a new protective ceramic-metal coating is formed on the friction pairs, consequently initial geometry of parts is restored.

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