Fluid for windshields cleaning XADO –32°С

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Windshield washer fluid

  • Possesses strong washing properties
  • Creates no foam
  • Leaves no lime scale
  • Safe for health

3D detergent effect

  • efficiently removes ice and hoarfrost
  • cleans windows from all kinds of contaminations
  • prevents formation of the oil film on windshields


  • cleans injectors
  • eliminates lime deposit and prevents its formation
  • can be used with tap water


  • special modern formula which provides low foaming

Additional advantages:

  • defrosts frozen fluid in the washer reservoir;
  • prevents ice formation in injectors;
  • safe for health, does not contain methyl alcohol;
  • neutral towards paint and lacquer coatings, chromium, rubber and plastic.

The fluid is manufactured using a new technology OPENVISIONSYSTEM®:

Application instructions

  • Pour the fluid into the windshield washer reservoir.
  • Apply as a water solution or undiluted (depending on the ambient temperature).
Ambient temperature, °С Cleaning fluid, L WATER, L
0...-5 1 2
-5...-10 1 1
-10...-20 2 1
-20...-32 1 -


Surfactants, water and dirt repelling nanocomponents, perfume, coloring agent, organic solvent, softened water.


Packet 2 L, Art. XA 50010

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  • Product review «Fluid for windshields cleaning XADO –32°С »:
  • Anthony 5 stars

    It is very efficient, very well shed windows from various raids, emits a very pleasant smell. Several times add simple window washing fluid, but even now I feel the wonderful smell in cab after window flushing. Definitely highly recommend it.