The experiences I have had as a Distributor of the XADO Products are proof of a product that delivers as advertised !

As in a 318 Dodge Engine with 717,000 miles ! We put the first tube in and idled the engine 4 hrs., and found there were three cylinders misfiring (255,190,170) The numbers began to bounce, added the second tube and the numbers were cut in half. Thought it best to have a third person and called another mechanic to observe. Upon adding the third tube, the numbers simply went away ,then came back at a very low count. Today the Dodge Van is still running 110 miles five days per week, oil consumption has gone from 5 qts. per week down to 2 qts. per week and now has over 760,000 miles, although will be retired at 775,000 miles ! Also had a John Deere Excavator Diesel Engine, checked compression and found all three cyls. were down , ( 290,220,170 #'s ). Entered XADO Gel Revitalizant 3 tubes as recommended. The machine didn't seem to improve over the next six weeks. I suggested checking the compression again, and we were amazed to find all three cylinders up to new specifications at 420 #'s !Dean ,the owner of S & S Landscape, said you just saved me $8,000.00 !That is what the John Deere Dealer bid to rebuild the engine !I’m sure it was the "XADO GEL" that did its job as advertised !It is running fine today ! Thank you "XADO" !

Sammy Samuelson, Specialty Automotive Management Systems

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Additive that stopped my 4.0's lifter tick

I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 160,000 miles on my inline 4.0 6 cylinder engine. I bought it used with 50K on it. Around 70K I started hearing the dreaded lifter tick where most Jeep owners say just turn the radio up. Mine was intermittent and would come and go. It would always do it on startup, but go away most of the time only to come and go periodically regardless of temps outside. From what I could tell, the intermittent ticking was mostly 1 lifter. Over time and miles this progressed to multiple lifters. At about 145K, I decided to try some Marvel Mystery Oil as some said it could be dirty lifters and others had luck with it helping. I first use a dose about 300 miles before my scheduled oil change which I performed religiously at 4K mile intervals. Then changed that oil and did another dose right at oil change and ran that for 1500 miles. Did some good highway driving too. During this time the ticking seemed to improve actually. Then changed the oil again and ran just straight oil for the next 2 changes which I did at 3000 mile intervals. Right before this second oil change I noticed the ticking coming back and I mean worse then before. I now had constant ticking and I mean like embarrassing ticking. I was starting to look at doing a lifter job which after further investigation from this forum most said doesn't make sense to do the lifters and not the cam which to me made sense also. Not looking forward to that job. Figured I would try some other things first.
Did my research and looked into all kinds of different additives. Nothing really sold me. Then came across XADO. Company has a bunch of products all claiming to improve an engine combustion, restore performance, restore mpg, etc. Some crazy technology developed out of Europe or Russia or something talking about metal revitalization. I thought it was pretty craze stuff but I'm a mechanical engineer by trade so some of this stuff strikes a chord with me. Just figured there has got to be some newer technologies dealing with metallurgy and the study of metals. Read some case studies and testimonials about how this stuff worked really good to many a surprise. One of them talked about how it completely got rid of a vehicles bad lifter ticking. I figured what the hell, nothing to loose at this point.
I bought the 3 small tube package which I guess is the older version. Anyway it is called XADO gel-revitalizant for gasoline engines. Really small tubes so that told me it wasn't an additive really because I couldn't imagine that small of a dose doing a hole lot to oil. They claim it isn't an additive also. So 3 tubes at 150 mile intervals on the same oil.
All I can say it worked and I don't mean really improved the ticking. I mean it's gone completely. It was gone within minutes of putting the first tube in. All I hear now is the good old sewing machine churning away. I now have 162K on it so it's been about 6-7000 miles and just changed the oil again. Still gone. I have to say I am impressed and have never been a believer in additives as in almost all cases they are snake oils. I had nothing to lose so I tried this and it worked.
All I'm saying is, it worked for me. I know there are many threads about this so take this thread for what it's worth. If you don't want to try then don't. If you are desperate to find an alternative to doing a cam and lifter job yourself or paying a mechanic to do it, then try this.


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I love this stuff ! The things ive seen it do are amazing ! Its funny when i go into a parts store looking at all the oils and just laugh after what ive seen XADO do !!! Im serious i have before and after pics of a single cylinder engine !!! these are the before and after pics of a 5 hp brigs and stratton push mover the letters are carved out with a razor blade and the center is with a hammer and flathead screwdriver! After putting the xado moto in i idled it for 12 hours and some of that time it was runing wide open! At first i had to fill the gas tank every 20 minutes and towards the end it was every 3o minutes and if i remember correctly the ladt tank took 45 minutes to run out! on the after picture you can still see the o in XADO but you cant feel it! I also noticted the coloring of the cylinder wall and smoothness if it as well as the reflection of the wall was almost like a mirror. MAN I LOVE THIS STUFF !!!! - Andy H.

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Several months ago I purchased the Xado Oil product (5-30) for my 2001 Mercedes Benz Wagon…..The wagon had 90,000+ miles and was in pristine condition, so I wanted to extend the life of the engine, if I could….I noticed the advertisement for the XADO product in one of the “car” magazines that I subscribe to and decided to give it a try….After about six weeks or 500-600 miles, I began to notice how quiet the engine was when I would stop in traffic… so I started to pay more attention and as more miles were driven, the smoother and quieter it became…My next door neighbor, an avid Corvette fan, couldn’t believe the difference in the “tone” of the engine….I am convinced, I have a better performing engine, quieter, and more responsive and the only change in maintenance I made, was switching to Xado oil….I’m convinced enough to now put it into my XK8 Jaguar….Thanks

Regards, Everett F.

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It has been less than a month since I put XADO in my wife's VW Passat with 188K on it. What I experienced led us to order a "set" for every vehicle - three cars and 3 trucks and a couple of tractors.
How we did it 2005 VW Passat:

  • 1. We drove a day trip so that after the adding of XADO to the vehicle we put on around 500 miles.
  • 2. Right about 100 - 110 miles the car just started to smooth out. Just like a new car feel except this one has 188K on it.
  • 3. At the end of the day, we had a wonderful day trip, got almost 4 more mpg and we had an appreciable increase in power. The power increase surprised us. Actually think that it has as much or more get up and go than when it was new.
  • 4. The car is quieter.
  • 5. We save $4.70 every 500 miles or $564.00 over the 60K miles life of XADO (using current fuel costs)! Remember DIESEL is costly but this car is more than excellent.

After 800 miles we have 3.5 more mpg. How do I know, we use an app on our smart phone so it is miles driven ivided by fuel in and we have increased our lifetime mpg by almost 1.5 mpg. There is about 18 months fuel mileage tracked on this app.
How we did it in the 2009 Corvette:

  • 1. We took a business trip after the addition of XADO.
  • 2. Right around 100 - 110 miles the car smoothed out, still surprises me.
  • 3. Miles per gallon increase is 2.5 miles more per gallon.
  • 4. Shifting is smoother.
  • 5. The power is enhanced.
  • 6. That is $211.00 savings over the 60K mile life of the product.

Would I do it again? In a heart beat. The product works. We did it to preserve the life of our vehicles. The fact that the product pays for itself over its' lifetime is an added bonus for us. Remember that any savings is money you don't have to pay taxes on.
To address one last thought, we put XADO in every part we could in the vehicle. Didn't leave any part out. - Stu T.

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When first introduced to the Xado product, I was skeptical of its professed capabilities. Over the years we've all been exposed to snake oil of one kind or another that didn't really live up to its advertised claims. However, I was intrigued by the concept of the nano technology.
I changed the oil and put the Xado revitalizant into the crankcase as directed.
My engine had 74,000 miles on it at the time and was starting to show its age.
I live on the top of a small mountain and would let the car run downhill in second gear due to the steep incline in an effort to save the brakes a little. At first the car would accelerate without any resistance and increase speed enough to where it was necessary to apply the brakes to maintain a safe speed. After about 800 miles the compression increased enough to actually hold the vehicle to no more than 30 mph in second gear without applying the brakes. Needless to say this impressed me along with its increased acceleration and improved fuel economy of an actual 2 miles per gallon during combined local and highway driving.
In fact I was impressed enough to get the power steering, fuel injector and automatic transmission revitalizants and installed them with confident anticipation. After the product worked itself in to the relative equipment I realized improved steering control, the thump in the transmission disappeared and my fuel economy improved another mile per gallon.
I would recommend this product to anyone with a car that is starting to hit higher miles as it returns the engine and other treated mechanisms to like new condition. This stuff really works!! - Jack L.

I purchased the XADO atomic Metal Conditioner 1 stage and also the XADO Revitalizant EX120 for automatic transmission. Both did the job and the car runs better now. - Harry H.

XADO 1 Stage Maximum atomic metal conditioner (Bottle, 225 ml)

“Really works !!!”, February 3, 2012: “Added one bottle to my 2002 NISSAN XTERRA. After 30 min in idle runs like 5 years ago, much less noise and more performance”.

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“works surprisingly well”, February 22, 2012: “Looks like it's working pretty good, definitely much less engine noise, seems to run a lot smoother. I'm glad I gave it a try”.

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“Like it a lot!”, February 20, 2012: “This stuff works great. I put it in my Honda CR-V two months ago. I was getting 19.3 mpg and now I'm getting 21 mpg. Also, my car runs like new!”

XADO Gel-revitalizant for gasoline engines

“Works Great!”, August 2, 2011: “This is the second time I have used Xado for engines. I treated my 1990 4runner with 215,000 miles. I only just added the 3rd tube, but with the first 2 tubes, my oil pressure increased by at least 30% and gas mileage seems to be up about 10%. I started treatment the day we were going on a camping trip in western Virginia approx. 300 miles round trip. By the time for the return trip I was having to down shift less in the mountains and 4runner definitely felt like it had more pep. Going out I got 15.2mpg, coming back I got 16.7mpg.” – Wiedmeister, VA

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“Unbelievable!!!”, October 3, 2011: “All the way from the cold war soviet union to the motor of my Land Rover! Before I treated the motor with XADO it ran with emission warning lights.. Now no idiot lights whatsoever! And it uses less gas per mile, and runs quiet with a noticeable power increase. Buy some XADO and see the differences for yourself!” – E. Pfeifer

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“Compression is back!”, February 23, 2012: “I have to say after trying ALOT of additives this was just another to be skeptical about BUT that changed about 500 miles into the treatment when my 96 engine started to feel new again. Compression and response is back and gas mileage has already improved. My car is fun to drive again. I highly recommend. By the way engine had 80k when I started treatment.” – R. Hughes “RIFFRAF”, PA

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My 1995 F150 W/200,000 miles on it has been drove daily by my oldest since August while he rebuilt his transmission in his Ranger. The problem with this is the truck dropped a cylinder in July I was waiting to pull the head this fall / winter. By the time he returned the truck the valve had smacked the piston and dropped 3 cylinders. ( Junk the truck or replace the engine ) the shop pulled the engine Tuesday with the expectations of a trashed block.
They dropped a remanufactured engine in I checked with them on how much the core and engine is going to cost me. I was told the heads are trashed the crank looked like a new crank the pistons were trashed the rods had no wear, miked in tolerance.
The engine has high pressure rings in it that are normally very hard on cylinder walls ( this is a roller engine from the factory ) the cylinders have some marks that can be seen but not felt the worst cylinder has 14thousnds taper the hone marks are still visible No severe land grooves. The engine could have had new heads and put back together. The block has some platinum gray areas in the cylinder walls and a couple of areas that look like gouges the mechanic can see them but cant mike them or feel them. I Received full credit for the block.
Like I tell all my customers XADO Works. Thank you - Dale

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Hello Xado, I owned a 2.5L Diesel Mitsubishi Pajero 1996 model Japan Surplus and been using your precious product XADO to treat my engine for 11-months. With just a very minor problem on my "crank shaft key way", I decided to overhaul my Mitsubishi 4D56 Turbo Engine to have it machined and correct the crank shaft pulley area. For a car over a decades old, I was expecting scratches on the crank shaft as what other typical engine does. Amazingly just for a period of 11-months, your product showed a record breaking effect on it. The XADO did revitalized the metal to metal contacts and gave a brand new looking shinny surface in the crank shaft and bearings - Rowgun Z. Fausto

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It began with a call from the boys at TR&M to introduce a new product by the name of XADO. The claims they made sounded too good to be true.
I started to call this product “snake oil” because I didn’t believe it could do all the things they said it could. Then came the day that my 1994 Grand Marquis started to have a transmission shutter. Every time I accelerated from a stop the car would shudder violently and was getting worse by the day.
I decided to treat the car with 2 tubes of XADO and it has not had a shudder since that was 11,000 miles ago. I was pleasantly surprised that the “snake oil” worked and I no longer refer to XADO as “snake oil”.
I was so impressed with the results; I decided to use it in the engine. I treated the engine with the three step process install 1 tube drive 100 miles then the second tube and another 100 miles and then the final tube. My fuel mileage went from 18.2 to 20.8 mpg in about 3 weeks.
Due to the results of my test I implemented the use of XADO in each install of transmissions and or engines in our shop. We are a full supporter of all the XADO products and are marketing them on all levels within our industry. - The Blumenthal Journey

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Ralph treated his Monaco Motorhome, that had an 8.3 Cummins diesel engine. It is equipped with a 'mileage meter' and after treating the engine AND fuel system with XADO, Ralph said his mileage went from 6 MPG to between 8 and 11, depending on driving conditions and terrain. Taking even a LOW average.....9-9.5, he had OVER a 50% increase in fuel mileage!!
They also, had a F350 service van that the driver failed to check the oil in...a LOUD knocking reminded him that he needed to...BUT it was too late. Even though they filled it with oil, the van had excessive blow by, very low oil pressure and excessive oil consumption. It was taken to the company that does the maintenance on their vehicles and an estimate of $5,000 was given for a complete overhaul of the engine. Again, a treatment of XADO was applied to the 'ailing' van. In LESS than 1,000 miles, the blow-by had stopped, the oil pressure was back to normal and the consumption had decreased to minimal! - Ecowater of Kansas

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I am very happy with my Xado experience to date. Last week I put my first treatment in my 2008 Winnebago View's 3.0 L Mercedes V-6 diesel engine. I have had this motor home for about 3 months and driven it a few thousand miles. Only complaint about the engine is it seems to be a bit underpowered, especially on uphill grades. After all, it is only 154 HP pulling an 11,000 lb load.
Well, gotta tell you, had a nice surprise awaiting me after the Xado addition. No longer does it feel underpowered. On a 13 mi uphill climb to Newberry Crater in Lapine, I actually had "pedal" left as I was climbing at max speed for the curvy road. What a delight to feel a peppier performance from such a simple addition as Xado. Also noticed more power available when entering traffic, particularly in highway situations. This is good.
I'll be checking my mileage as well now that I've added my second treatment. Keep you posted on any further gains. - Kim Ireland

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Rose-Hulman Institute places 2nd in Shell Eco-Marathon

I would just like to thank Xado for the products that they provide for our team and for their continuing support as sponsors. The products are world class and are better than anything I have ever used. At our recent competition, we ran a whole day of testing without any oil (not my fault haha) and had absolutely no problems whatsoever. We filled it with oil and haven't had any problems since—no metal shavings, no bearing wear. We also use Xado oil in our cylinder heads. Our heads used to run at over 200 degrees. After switching to Xado oil, the heads run only slightly warmer than what is comfortable to touch. In addition, Xado has improved clearances (completely eliminated our crank play) noticeably and reduced reciprocating friction by a huge margin. I attribute Xado as being one of the key factors in our strong second place finish at the Shell EcoMarathon with 1637.2 MPG. Once again, I cannot thank Xado enough for their support. I am certain that without them, we would not have finished so strongly. - Cory Stansbury, Sophomore, Rose-Hulman Supermileage Team

More Success on the Track

When I was first approached to sell Xado in my store I assumed it to be another 'snake oil' and quickly dismissed the idea. After close to a year of prompting by the Xado salesman I had my test vehicle. A 4 cylinder German Opel, 1900cc, 10to1 compression, torquey cam, big valve head, light flywheel, twin Weber carburetors with about 30,000 miles. The only issue was with a saturated hot engine, at idle, the idiot light would come on with the mechanical gauge showing 5 lbs of oil pressure. The sender for the lamp was set to trigger at 7 lbs. The age and uniqueness of this motor did not allow the possibility of purchasing a new front cover with oil pump housing. I tried a new pump cap, different weights of oil, both synthetic and petroleum, stretching the bypass spring ect. All with no change.
Within 25 miles of treating with the first tube of Xado the pressure was up enough to not trigger the lamp! After the 3rd and final tube of Xado the oil pressure had slowly increased and was 25 lbs at idle with a saturated hot engine. Interestingly the high rpm oil pressure only increased about 5 lbs. I was concerned about this because the high rpm pressure was fine before the treatment. So, amazing stuff it is.
I wanted to remove the oil pump to inspect it again as I was really curious what I would find in the pump housing. Upon inspecting the gears they were almost glassy in appearance and the fine grooves in the gears did not catch my fingernails as much as they had before the Xado treatment. There was no thick stuff or goop, the gears and case were still perfectly clean. So we assembled and after running the engine again there was something wrong, my oil pressure was not at 25 hot now it was down to 8 lbs. I could lug the engine and flicker the idiot lamp! What's up? After visiting with Xadoman I learned that if you take a Xado treated engine apart you must mark everything so it can be reassembled with the same geometry. Rats.. I was now in new territory, take the pump apart and turn the gear and tooth at a time and retry, there all lots of teeth on the gear! Or, drive and see if the Xado will rebuild in the areas now needed. We did not know if the cermet would rebuild since the heat in the area is so much less with the Xado coating being already on the gears. It did take a while but now with another 400 miles on the engine, with the same Xado treated oil, it is 20 lbs at hot idle and still slowly rising. What I have found is Xado with this oil pump design is amazing at rebuilding tolerances and pressures. The motor also feels smoother and more responsive.
After the first successful treatment of this motor we started to market the Xado product and the response and testimonials have been very positive. It seems to make the most noticeable difference in older vehicles, this makes sense since they have the most wear and room for improvement. What is very intriguing is the potential of extending the life span of new engines to levels we have not previously experienced while giving better fuel economy and power levels at the same time. We have used Xado now in many performance vehicles as well as basic street cars and trucks with very good results. - Bob Harris, Autobahn Power, www.autobahnpower.com

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Use of Xado In Toyota Corolla Sedan
The following is the history of the use of Xado in the engine of a petrol-driven 1988 Model Toyota Corolla Sedan, registered in NSW in my name – registration number: RSG643.
July 2004 (prior to use of Xado)
In July 2004 the Toyota Corolla traveled 1830 kms. During this month the fuel consumption was monitored and found to average 9.90 kms per litre of petrol.
October 2004 (application of Xado)
In the month of October 2004 Xado was introduced into the engine in three steps. After the first application of a single tube the vehicle was driven for approximately 200kms before the application of a second tube. After the second tube the car was run for another 200kms before the introduction of the third tube. The applications resulted in a clear improvement in the fuel economy of the vehicle.
Jan/Feb 2005 (three months after application of Xado)
Three months after the application of Xado the fuel consumption was again monitored in Jan/Feb 2005 and found to average 12.14 kms per litre of petrol.
The fuel performance of the Toyota Corolla has increased from 9.90 kms per litre to 12.14 kms per litre, representing a 22.68% improvement in the fuel economy of the vehicle.

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XADO Restores Lost Power to Racecar

A racing participant of 81 Speedway, a dirt raceway in Valley Center KS, tries XADO on his Mitsubishi 3000 GT.
The racers season had begun to look as if it were over when his Mitsubishi 3000 GT started suffering from power loss when the engine got hot. Until the racers father, Fred Bryant, visited the 81 Speedway parts trailer where he learned about XADO. He purchased a complete treatment of XADO for gasoline engines to try it out on his son's Mitsubishi. Both father and son were amazed when the Mitsubishi was treated, and amazingly began to win race after race.
In fact, Fred Bryant was so impressed he purchased two complete boxes of XADO for gasoline engines. He treated his personal vehicles and gave XADO to all his closest family and friends.
Sometime later Mr. Bryant contacted our office to discuss applying XADO to some machine tools at a printing press he owns and operates, Valley Offset Printing. Our sales team visited Valley Offset Printing and ran some initial testing, showing Mr. Bryant all XADO had to offer. Fred Bryant is now another very satisfied XADO customer.

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Have Concerns About Using XADO on an Alloy Engine? Read this Testimonial.

Further to my questions to your staff about XADO's suitability with alloy engines, I have since purchased three tubes to test it out on my 1993 Ford TX5 Telstar 2.5 liter V6. The car has done just over 150,000 Km's and my only complaint was engine noise, particularly at idle. As the engine is "alloy," I was concerned that the XADO product could be detrimential to the engine itself.
Since applying XADO to my engine over a two week/500 km period, I am pleased to report the following:
-the engine noise has reduced dramatically. Before when I would start the car, for the first few minutes the engine would rattle about until it warmed up. Even once warm it would rattle on idle. Now, with XADO, the engine does not rattle on start up and appears much quieter.
-the engine appears to have more power and particularly more responsiveness. I cannot quantify how much more power, but the engine seems more livlier than before.
-fuel economy has increased. Just after Christmas I visited a friend in Albury and normally I need to fill up the tank a few towns before I arrive there. This time I got there (from Sydney) on a full tank and did some driving in Albury before needing to fill up. And on my return journey I made it home without stopping for fuel. (Albury is some 550 to 600 kms from Sydney)
-And it seems to work fine in alloy engines.
With the above recent success, I have just bought the XADO for gearboxes in the hope to cure an annoying whine from my gearbox, especially when in third gear. I will let you know how this goes.
Good luck with your product marketing. If more people use XADO we might conserve our oil resources and preserve our environment. - David Rockdale, Sydney

XADO Increases Functionality of an Overheating Rear Axle

XADO dealer, Trailers 'N' More, in Wichita, KS provided the following story about a customer that tried XADO in a last ditch effort to prevent a rear axle from overheating.
This customer drove a 2003 Dodge 3/4 ton truck with a Dana 60 rear axle. The truck was routinely used to haul a large 5th wheel trailer full of rail road steel to California. The steel made for a very heavy load, the combined weight of the truck, trailer and load was about 30,000 lbs.
Often when hauling, the oil in the rear axle and differential got so hot that the oil was boiling out of the breather on the top of the differential. In addition, the paint on the axle was blistering and the input shaft seal and axle seals deteriorated under the extreme heat and allowed oil to leak by. The customer made a total of 6 trips to his local Dodge dealer where they would check the gear lash (how the gears mate together) and several other possible causes. Over time, the dealership replaced the conventional oil with every synthetic blend they could and sent him back on his way with no real changes.
Trailers 'N' More advised the customer to treat the rear axle with one tube of Gel Revitalizant for Gearboxes.
Upon the customers return from another haul to California they stopped by Trailers 'N' More. The customer was both amazed and grateful, unbelievably the axle had remained cool and quiet the entire trip to and from Calinfornia.
XADO works when nothing else will!

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Amazing Diesel Treatment Results

In October 2004, I treated one of our fleet tractors with XADO diesel treatment. At the time of the treatment, the tractor had almost 1,000,000 miles on the engine. The engine had never been overhauled or had the bearings replaced. The engine did have excessive blow by, as it would leave a puddle of oil under the engine when it sat and idled for any period of time. This is the reason I decided to treat the engine, just to see if the XADO material would work on this engine.
The tractor arrived from McAlester and the shop mechanic and I treated the engine with four tubes of diesel treatment. The engine is a N14 Cummins and takes approximately 40 quarts of oil at the oil change. The driver reported that the oil pressure increased approximately 5 PSI after the first treatment. The increase in oil pressure remained constant after the first treatment.
The second treatment was done the following morning when the tractor arrived in Oklahoma City, from McAlester. We added four tubes of treatment and the tractor returned to McAlester. On the third day, we treated the engine for the third and last time. The interval for the treatments was a little longer than prescribed, for it is approximately 270 miles round trip from Oklahoma City to McAlester.
After the third treatment, we just watched the tractor every day. After two weeks, I had the engine and bottom of the tractor steamcleaned to determine if the blow by had been decreased. To my surprise, the blow by was totally elminated. The engine no longer left a puddle of oil while idling, but there was also no oil on the bottom of the engine and transmission caused by the blow by as the tractor was driven down the road.
The oil and filters were changed after 5,000 miles of use after the engine was treated. The tractor was driven as normal for approximately three months. The engine oil pressure was the same as it was after initial treatment.
In mid December, I had the tractor put in the shop and had the rod and main bearings removed and replaced with new bearings. The mechanic wanted to know what type of oil and oil additive I had been using, for he had never seen anything like the oil that was in the engine. The lower main bearings did show wear from the original 1,000,000 miles, but you could not feel the ridges or roughness in the bearings that you would normally expect. There was and is a coating on the bearings that is very smooth. The coating can be scratched, but polishes back to a smooth finish just by rubbing your fingers or a rag across the finish.
In fact, I did use the back of my Buck pocket knife to rub across the finish of the bearings. It did leave a scratch in the coating finish but would wipe off with a rag. I came to discover that the scratch was made by the loss of metal from my knife blade and not the bearing. The coating is harder than the blade in my knife. - Jim Morris, Director of Maintenance Beaver Express Service, LLC

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XADO Reacts to Heat

I have owned my 1971 Chevy Pick-up for over 26 years. It now has just under 500,000 miles on it. It is on it's 5th engine. I replaced the last engine in 1992. It was a stock 454 with 185,000 miles on it. I rebuilt it at that time, but used the original pistons. After honing out the cylinders it had .017 clearance between the pistons and the cylinder walls. I knew it might use a little oil, but it sure would run good. The engine has over 285,000 miles on the original pistons now. After installing my 2nd tube of XADO the engine does not smoke at all when first starting it up. Performance has increased, and best of all it had developed a piston slap (due the excessive clearance) and that has now disappeared and I haven't even installed my 3rd tube yet. It runs like a new engine. I have worked as a mechanic for over 30 years and I have never witnessed a product such as this. I can't say enough about XADO but it will make a believer out of you. - Michael V. Vogt

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XADO Revitalizes 81 Speedway Road Grader

When owner of 81 Speedway, C Ray Hall, was introduced to XADO he immediately wanted to put it to the test.
The track crew at 81 operates a road grader up to four times a week in preparing the race track. Because of extreme use and wear of the road grader it had begun to lose oil pressure and smoke.
The road grader was treated with 6 tubes of Gel for Diesel Engines per package intructions.
Before XADO the road grader's oil pressure was under 15 pounds when the engine was warm. After XADO it's oil pressure is up to 40 pounds. In addition, the road grader has more power, runs smoother and the smoking has stopped.
XADO Revitalizes, Economizes and Protects!

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More XADO Results!

I am writing to inform you of the excellent results I have obtained in treating my 1984 BMW 533i sedan with various XADO products. The car, a picture of which is attached, is my daily driver, just turned aver 269,000 miles, and competes in BMW Club autocrosses.
The engine and manual transmission have approximately 68,000 miles on them, having been obtained from a 1992 BMW 535i with known service history. The 3.73 limited-slip differential has, in all probability, between 140,000 and 180,000 miles based on the 60,000 miles I have put on it since obtaining it from salvage and the fact that it was from a late 1980s BMW 3-series. This type of differential is always in high demand in BMW circles; my purchase of it 3 years ago leads me to believe it led a long life in its first incarnation.
At 265,000 miles I treated the engine, transmission, differential, and power steering system with their corresponding XADO products. The results are as follows:
Gear noise, mostly from the differential but also from the transmission, was significantly reduced. The rear end had begun to howl, especially under deceleration, typically a signal to begin looking for a new diff. The car now sounds completely healthy.
Valve train noise, always naturally present in this type engine due to its design, was likewise reduced.
The power steering mechanism, original at 265,000 miles, had developed enough slop to be noticeable. This is also a sign that adjustment (which often hastens its end) or replacement is necessary. The XADO treatment completely removed the play in the steering.
My most recent check of gas mileage gave me 21.5 mpg, a significant increase over the 20.0-20.5 mpg that was typical before the XADO treatments.
I was skeptical of the XADO claims when it was recommended to me by a friend, but I am more than satisfied with my results, especially considering that it saved me over $2000.00 in upcoming repairs. I have now started recommending XADO to my friends as well. - Joe Gilmore

I drive, on average, over 700 miles a week. My Ford Expedition used to get only 13 mpg. Since I treated my vehicle with XADO, I've seen an increase of 2 mpg. Two mpg might not seem like a lot but over the course of a year, it really adds up. I've also treated two mowers and my golf cart. The mowers are much quieter and my gas golf cart runs smoother and has quit backfiring. XADO is easy to apply and easy on the pocket book. - Greg Strong, Shields, KS

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Wichita's Own 'Rockin' Rick Regan Uses XADO

I was very suprised at the results on my 8 cylinder 350 motor with 133,000 miles on it, after my treatment with XADO. Within the first few miles of driving after the full treatment, I became very aware of the difference in my engines performance. Not only did my engine noise diminish, it ran smoother than before and I felt more power in my accelerator. Additionally and most importantly I gained nearly 2 miles to the gallon of fuel economy. Driving my 10-year-old truck each day and getting 2 more miles per gallon equates to roughly 50 more miles to the tank. With my driving habits, 2 additional days between full ups over the course of a year is going to add up to some real measurable fuel savings.
I also have used XADO in my power steering system; the change was noticeable immediately after the application. My steering mechanism worked smoothly and free of obstruction of friction. I can turn my steering wheel with one finger and it returns to center with very little force. It made my truck easier and safer to operate. It is hard to put a dollar value on safety. XADO is an extraordinary product whose time has come. Maintenance is the best way to protect and extend the life of your or any automobile. XADO meets the challenge and physically rebuilds the life of your engine. I recommend XADO to anyone who operates machinery.
I even put the XADO special grease on the chain of my creaky garage door opener and it worked its way into the system. Now, my creaky garage door goes up and down without "suffering" so much. Even the hinge pin on my truck door swings freely now, after a dab of XADO. XADO is for real! This XADO stuff really works! - 'Rockin' Rick Regan, Radio Personality

Xado Shines When Things Got Dark

I treated a 93 Ranger with 120,000 miles. I got the expected increase in gas mileage and compression, but I got an unexpected bonus one night.
I live in the country and about 8 miles from home one night (with a sleeping baby in the carseat) the uni-belt shredded. I immediately lost power steering and the alternator. I was in the middle of nowhere and my first concern was getting home before the battery drained. I was relieved to pull into my driveway with dim headlights when I suddenly realized that I had also lost the fan and water pump. The gauges gave no indication of overheating and the engine didn't even smell hot. And this was in August! I treated my wifes truck immediately after that.
Thanks Xado - Kevin, Augusta Kansas

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Proof is in the Results

Vehicle application: 2001 Chevy Silverado Heavy duty 496 cu. in. displacement engine. (8.1 Liter) The vehicle had about 34450 miles at the time of (XADO) application.
1. Before the application of XADO I had valve lifter noise upon starting a cold engine. The noise persisted until the engine was warm. After the 80 miles of original application driving, the noise is gone. As a matter of record I have had several mornings when the temperature outside was less than 9 degree F. and the engine starts smoothly and with no clatter of any kind.
2. My trip mileage was about 11.5 mpg to 11.8 mpg when averaged over a several hundred mile trip. That has risen to approximately 12.4 mpg to 13.1 mpg.
3. My oil pressure is about 3#'s higher upon cold starts but I do not see any increase after the engine is entirely warmed.
4. In my opinion, the engine runs more smoothly now than before the application of XADO.
5. I frequently pull a #3000 trailer and do so in overdrive almost all the time with no indication of engine temperature rise. Most vehicles cannot pull a #3000 trailer without some apparent engine temp. rise to the point of overheating in some.
6. I have let the engine idle for long periods of time in hot weather with the Air Conditioning running without any rise in engine temperature that I can detect.
We put XADO in my office air compressor because it was rather old and quite noisy. The noise level was reduced almost immediately and the compressor continues to operate with less noise than it previously had. - Porter Clark, D.D.S., Indenpendence Kansas

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I'm still working on my city gas mileage but it's looking good so far, I did notice a 4 mpg improvement on the highway between Wichita and Albuquerque. One benefit I'm happy to report that I didn't expect... I had a valve tappit sticking and making noise when it was cold. Fixed that! WOO HOO!!! I didn't do a compression check before and after, but I can tell a definite difference in giddy-up. The power steering does seem smoother. She's got a new vigor. Thanks! I think I'll buy her some new seat covers and shampoo her carpet. Maybe after I get her leaking fuel injectors fixed.

Drag Racing with XADO

Vladivostok "GT-club AUTO.VL.RU" — the organization of fans of sports and half-sports automobiles. The basic objective of the club is to give people that are fond of speed and sports automobiles, the opportunity to find like-minded persons and friends, to compete and “to let the steam out”. The club conducts regular competitions on a super fashionable kind of motor racing – drag racing (high-speed heat of two automobiles on a straight line 400 meters long) on a runway of the airport located nearby the settlement Shtykovo.
You can see on a photo the participant of competitions, all-wheel drive Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Sport of 1994 year, V6 2000ññ, Twin Turbo Intercooler, 240 h.p., without tuning (usual tires, standard air filter, standard plugs etc.). Drag racing is a sport of super loading which reveals strong and weak sides of the machine. It demonstrated the opportunities of XADO in the best way possible. We would like to emphasize, it was not the question of competition with tuning monsters. The main task was to show, that any usual machine has potential opportunities and XADO reveals these opportunities!
So, before revitalization the automobile covered the heat for 16.23 sec. Then all units of the automobile (the engine, reducers, the hinge of equal angular velocity, hub bearings, the hydraulic booster) have been subjected to revitalization and the machine has made 2000 km more. At the next race Mitsubishi has shown 15.41 sec! We congratulate our friends in Khabarovsk and wish further successes! - More info: http://auto.vl.ru/gtclub

C-Cars TV Tries XADO

I was very skeptical about how XADO could help a brand new engine. General Motors spends millions of dollars a year testing to get the best performance out of the engines they produce. I wondered how XADO could improve my engine's performance with only a couple of ounces of engine treatment. At the time of this test I had only 2500 miles on this vehicle. After treating the engine with XADO we tracked our miles per gallon for the next 2500. We found that we picked up 6 tenths of a mile per gallon. After getting back the results we were very surprised and would recommend the XADO treatment to others. If you can get these kind of results on a brand new vehicle I can't imagine what XADO would do for an older vehicle.
Thanks again for introducing us to your great line of XADO products. - Frank Upton, C-CARS TV

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I treated a small gearbox that carries trash metal from under the plasma cutter. One tube with an initial amp reading of .76 and a temp of 117 degrees. Told Jim the head of maintence to check back in 30 mins. and we would check all the readings again. While he was off on another mission he left the amp meter on the motor and I stood there and watched it vacillate down to .73 amps in 20 minutes. When he came back he recorded the original readings and then checked the meter at which time he pulled the night time maintence foreman over and pointed the change out. He then checked the temp and it had dropped to 114 degrees. I told him I had a grease gun loaded with green grease (Restoring Grease) and wondered if he needed anything greased. He led me over to a 40 ton metal brake jig and we greased her up. The jig is computerized to perform programmed steps so he cycled it about four times and said that it was operating as good as he had ever seen it. They are going thru all the brake machines on Saturday and he ordered grease to treat all four machines and gearbox treatment for three more gearboxes. And that is a small percentage of the machinery in the plant.
These are great results in such a short period of time, they definitly indicate a reduction in friction within the moving parts of the gearbox. However, we must note that these results are only initial readings, the amperage and operating temperature will furthur decrease and stablize.
Initial amperage draw on gearbox was .76 amps, reading on 3-2-05 was .70 amps, thats a decrease of approx. 10%. In addition, initial temperture reading was 117 degrees, temperature reading on 3-2-05 was 109 degrees, also a reduction of 10%. The maintenance department was in agreement that there are positive results in using XADO products. - Tim Christensen, Friction-EZE, Independence, KS

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I found out about Xado on the internet whilst looking for the slick 50 site, the product is easy to use and has effectively stopped a slight misfire my car had and at tick over the engine noise is much improved. Most impressive for me was the surprise my wife showed after a shopping trip saying the car ride" was incredibly smooth and acceleration sharp" I never even told her I'd bought and used the Xado treatment!!! I will most certainly buy Xado treatments in the future especially as I like to drive cars from yesteryear. - Graham Cole - Wilkin

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It’s nice to see a company responding to emails from potential customers quickly, in my experience a lot of companies treat email correspondence with at best disdain, and in the past I have had no replies, wrong replies and replies up to 6 weeks later, needless to say the one that reply quickest usually get my business and a thank you from myself to let them know I appreciate their fast response - D.Davie

We have a Mercedes Vaneo 1.7cdi 2003 model with automatic transmission. This car is rather heavy(1600kg) so we chipped the engine and increased horsepower from 95 to 120. We then discovered another problem. The transmission is quite small and it normally cannot cope with the increased power. Several times it failed and came up with an error code in the display, saying F. The procedure then, was to stop the car, turn off the ignition in more than 10 seconds and start it up again. Really annoying. I then ordered the Xado ATF-fluid, and put it in the transmission. The shifting became smother than before and to my surprise, we have not had another transmission-failure since. I really think this product is one of the best (if not the best) on the market. Before I switched to Xado, we changed the transmission-fluid at the Mercedes-garage, without any improvement. Thanks for a product that works. - Jonny Konradsen

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Hi there, I've received my Xado goods and revitalizing my car engine. So far i've been impressed... the engine seems to be running smoother, the engine noise reduced !.... thank you. - Christopher Whitfield

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I believe now! I was sceptical! But its good stuff! 1999 V Ford Escort Van (55 non turbo), 1800 Endura-D engine, 90123 miles on the clock.
Before I put xado in the van, it lacked power and took a week to accelerate to 60mph then when I came to a hill the little power it did have died a death, I had just changed the engine oil with GTX Magnatec and added lucas diesel injector cleaner with little improvement! Then a couple of days later my xado arrived! I followed the instructions and put the first tube in, ran the van for a while and I noticed a difference straight away, so I decided to run it for the recommended mileage then I added the second tube and again followed the instructions!! GOD WHAT A CHANGE! It was like a new van, so I added the last tube and my god I actually like driving the van now, it’s really like a new van the engine runs so good now and sounds lovely and has so much power actually was doing 95mph(I know its against the law) in it compared to its max of 75mph before the treatment! I can honestly say that this stuff has worked on my old clapped out escort van, how long it lasts for well I will have to wait and see! I also bought the fuel pump/injector additive; I have still to try that but would love to think it will do the same as the engine gel.
If there is any non believers out their please pass my email address on to them! It does seem dear for the treatment but hey! I have spent a fortune on other additives and they have not worked, so it is well worth the money, and I am thinking of ordering the diesel engine oil for the next time I change the oil. Thanks - Derek Watt

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After removing the old oil from the LT77 of my LandRover Defender I proceeded to fill the gearbox with my new Xado 75W-90 Revitalising Oil, It claims to repair/renew the contact surfaces of the gears from within during normal running, Wow if this stuff works it really would be a breakthrough for all those aging whining landrover gearboxes out there. Now my gearbox is not really in that bad nick, I have a slight notchines between 1st – 2nd and the usuall noises everyone suffers from so any improvement should be noticible. Ok Oil in and straight out on the road, after 10-15 miles I have to admit the notch between 1st & 2nd really has improved slightly it feels slicker/smoother and the noises coming from the box seem less stressful, now maybe this is in my head and I have to say I was not expecting miracles but in my case there really is a noticible difference – Longer test required !!
300 Miles Later – Quieter, Smoother, Slicker – not words usually associated with a LT77 in a Defender but it seams measurably better, I’m almost tempted to put the old stuff in to prove the point but I don’t want to go back to the old notchy box!!
I will be certainly recomending to all other Land Rover Owners. - Neil Platts

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SnipeX Testimonials

“It takes awhile to complete the entire process but is well worth it. Definitely recommend this product to fellow NAHC members.”

“I think this product will make anyone who uses it shoot better, I used it in a newer gun and it helped with accuracy and ease of cleaning.”

“I would recommend this product due to the fact that my grouping improved after applying the XADO SnipeX gel to my rifle per the instructions. This product will help you shoot better so you won’t have to tell your friends of the once in a lifetime buck you missed because your shots were off.”

“I think that it is a great product and it does a good job and it does what you say if you go by directions.”

“SnipeX is very easy to use and does not take that long to treat a rifle. It gives you a good reason to fire off a few rounds.”

“After comparing my targets before and after application I could tell there was a change in the grouping of my shots. They were more closer after I applied the product than before. If your firearm has considerable amount of wear or usage I could probably see a lot more change. My rifle is only used for hunting and I have been using it for years. Even though there is not a lot of wear to my firearm I could still see improvement. I would recommend this product to anyone who is wanting to improve the accuracy of their firearm.”

“After shooting just a few times I started to see improvement in accuracy.”

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