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XADO Revitalizant EX120 para transmisiones automáticas

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Revitalizante reforzado Extreme Action 120% (ЕХ120) destinado a la reparación restauradora y protección contra el desgaste de las Cajas de Cambio Automáticas (CCA). Durante el tratamiento de las CCA, en las superficies de las piezas metálicas (engranajes, rodamientos, distribuidores, abrazaderas) se forma una cubierta metalcerámica. Como resultado las piezas recuperan su geometricidad. Universal para todos los tipos de transmisiones automáticas tales como Tiptronic, Steptronic, CVT y otros. Gracias al 20% más concentración de sustancia activa, el revitalizante Extreme Action 120% (ЕХ120) posee una reserva amplia para la restauración de superficies desgastadas y capacidades regenerativas de largo plazo de la superficie formada.

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  • Restaura y protege contra el desgaste las piezas metálicas en rozamiento
  • Elimina los defectos superficiales
  • Eleva la fiabilidad de funcionamiento y prolonga el plazo de vida útil de los mecanismos de dirección
  • Reduce los niveles de ruido y vibración
  • Amortigua las cargas extremas
  • Protege las piezas contra el desgaste en casos de bajo nivel de aceite


Verter la cantidad necesaria de revitalizante por la apertura para el aceite (orificio para la varilla de medición de aceite) CCA. Funcionar con el automóvil en régimen normal. La revitalización se considera concluida después de 50 horas de trabajo del mecanismo (1500 km de recorrido).

Volumen del sistema de aceitado, (l) Cantidad de jeringas Esquema de tratamiento
5-8 1 Una vez
9-12 2 Una vez
13-15 3 Una vez


Una señal característica del inicio de la revitalización es la notable mejora del funcionamiento de la CCA (reducción de ruido, mejora de suavidad durante el cambio de marchas), ya desde los primeros kilómetros de recorrido - del tratamiento. El revitalizante es compatible con todos los tipos de fluidos para transmisiones automáticas: Dexron ®, Mercon®, Mopar ATF®, CVT®, no entra en reacción química y no modifica sus propiedades de viscosidad ni sus propiedades físico-químicas.

Guardar fuera del alcance de los niños. Evitar el contacto con la piel y los ojos. En caso de ingerirse, dirigirse inmediatamente al médico con el envase. Evitar que haga contacto con el medio ambiente, véanse las Instrucciones especiales / Ficha técnica de seguridad. La Ficha técnica de seguridad se otorga a solicitud del interesado.

Volumen nominal 8 ml

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  • Michael Bender 5 stars

    I put Xado in my transmission after ten hours driving the transmission started to feal like a new transmission before I put xado in I changed my trans soliniods that helped but the real improvment happened with xado it says to take full effect would be around 50 hours driving time I ve only done ten hours so fare cant weight tell I get fifty hours Thanks Xado

  • Michael Bender 5 stars

    I have had good results from this product xado for transmissions my transmission is a lot smoother and quieter it vibrates less I have seen the tests on this and can see the bearing gaps from ware was reduced significantly to reduce wear and vibration Im still working xado into my automatic trans I can see results already for the better.

  • Kyaw Minn Nyunt 5 stars

    From Myanmar , It is great for my car Kluger, it is about 130000 kilos.

  • Gustavo 5 stars

    Work great on my Honda Fit better on my Lexus es300

  • Adam 5 stars

    This product has helped my '97 Acura. After adding the syringe to the transmission, the car's internal temperature stays cooler and the car is quieter. Thanks Xado.

  • Andriy Nedrega 5 stars

    I used this product in two cars. Dodge Grand Caravan 2002 AWD, Pontiak Vibe 2003 2WD.The result is obvious, the noise of the transmission has decreased, and the transmissions began to turn on imperceptibly! Also, because of the urgent need to pour this product into the power steering system, caused a strong pump noise, after 200 miles the noise practically disappeared! Thank you for your love of automatic systems! I'm your fan since 1999! СЛАВА УКРАИНЕ!!!

  • 3 stars

    From all my research it appears to be a great line up of amazing products, the only problem I have is your website has not thus far provided much help in determining quanties of your products required. When I go to order it says recommended amount depends on vehicles capacity, but does not explain how much each product is reccomended to treat a specific capacity. i.e.

  • Jaden 5 stars

    Incredible product and its effect disappeared noise from the power steering when I tried at the checkpoint, and she began to work as a new shift-on drives started to gently even remember that the new so would work. after you tried it with the gearbox and the steering I used the engine. Previously with my old “lady” Toyota Camry with a single tank of fuel can be reached 380 miles while after this Annex freely traveled 440 miles and the engine left a very sharp and powerful. Highly would recommend to all use of this product and all assemblies. Awesome product. Amazing discovery.

  • Joao Nazario 5 stars

    I have a 2006 Honda Jazz 1.4i-dsi CVT. It developed the famous cvt shudder issue, and it was getting worse. Car now has 145.000 KM. I used the whole syringe, and drove for about 5km, and the result was instant, no more shudder. This is an awesome product. I recommend it!!!

  • C.H. 5 stars

    I have to say that this product totally saved the transmission in my '92 Dodge Van. Before I treated it, I had to change the transmission oil every year and it felt like the transmission was on the way out. It was also very loud to drive, rarely wanted to go much above 55, and had lots of strange drone noises. Anyhow, I put the treatment in and after a few hours of driving started to notice a dramatic improvement in the feel of the van and the noise. My favorite stat is that I used to have to listen to the radio at 24 on the volume scale to hear it comfortably over the noise, and now it's down to 18 to hear it at the same level--and the van wants to get up to 75 on the interstate and all the strange overtones and drones have largely disappeared. The van is almost sprightly in its responsiveness now! Anyhow--in case you can't tell I love this product as it saved my van! Best $$$ I ever spent on a vehicle.

  • Robert J Meredith 5 stars

    used 2 syringes in my chevorlet 2013 2500 hd truck noticed smoother shifting and noise reduction. thats even in a new truck with only 110 miles on it.. great product and my transmission temp dropped 10 degrees during normal driving.

  • Paul P. 5 stars

    Used XADO Atomic Metal Cond. 1 stage in my '97 Nissan P/U with 160K miles on it. Noticeable difference almost immediately. Great product so far and intend to put is into each of my vehicles. Very impressed.. Thanks!

  • luis 5 stars

    I read about Xado stage 1 on a HOT ROD magazine and I start looking for information about it on line and I find they have a very big selection of metal revitalizants.. before i never imagine such a ting.. I own a 94 F150 whit almost 190000 miles on it...after that many miles you sure feel it start loosing power... I order the stage 1 for my engine and 3 EX 120 for my transmission... i had a noise that i was thinking was from the engine and I was wrong, it was from the transmission.. that noise went away and it shifts very smooth now. I only been runing whit it for a week.. so far I'm impress whit it.. I totaly will recomend people to use this product...

  • trafarin 5 stars

    Was told that transmission job was needed to the tune of over $2000. Then someone told me about XADO. I figured what have I got to lose. Took only a couple of days to get it. Immediately put it in and it was amazing. I have not had the slippage in my transmission and it stopped getting "stuck" in low gear. So far it is wonderful and I would highly recommend it. Only downside is that it is not sold in stores and you have to buy online which means a couple day delay.

  • Samat 5 stars

    Recently, I have refilled my transmission with wrong fluid (synthetic fluid) and drove for 300 miles. As a result, I started having shifting problems and tachometer used to go up more than 5000 RPM at 55 mph in the highways. So, I went to service center, and I was told that my transmission worn out slightly. Then my friend suggested me to try xado product, and I ordered for my transmission. I added the xado, and after having driven 1000 miles, I felt its effect. Shifting problems and tachometer problems are gone, and it was like before adding the wrong fluid. So, I highly recommend xado products, especially for old cars!

  • Harry H. 5 stars

    I purchased the XADO atomic Metal Conditioner 1 stage and also the XADO Revitalizant EX120 for automatic transmission. Both did the job and the car runs better now!

  • gibson 5 stars

    WOW! This product is great! Slipping tranny problems and hard shifts are almost gone in my '99 4WD Tahoe. Used 3 syringes straight into dipstick tube and had almost instant results! Definitely recommend this!