XADO Gel-Revitalizant para motores de gasolina

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Está destinado para la protección contra el desgaste y la reparación reconstructiva de los motores de gasolina y motores Diesel sin necesidad de desarmar.

Forma el recubrimiento metalocerámico sobre las superficies de fricción (las piezas del motor crecen en volumen, se restablece su geometría). Como resultado, el mecanismo renovado supera por sus características de desempeño a un nuevo con garantía de 2–4 veces más.

  • Restablece y protege contra el desgaste las partes friccionadas del grupo cilíndro-pistón y de los mecanismos de biela y manivela y de distribución de gas
  • Reduce considerablemente el consumo del combustible (de hasta 30 % en la marcha en vacío).
  • Aumenta la presión de aceite en el sistema hasta la nominal.
  • Iguala y aumenta la compresión en los cilindros
  • Aumenta la potencia del motor, mejora su capacidad de aceleración
  • Baja el nivel de los ruidos y la vibración hasta 10 veces
  • Aumenta el plazo de servicio de los mecanismos en 2–4 veces
  • Protege el motor contra las consecuencias negativas del arranque en estado frío
  • Mejora el funcionamiento del motor después de 50­100 km
  • En caso de quedarse sin aceite, admite el funcionamiento del motor hasta por 300km


Tratamiento del motor con un volumen del sistema de aceite se realiza en 3 etapas:

1-ra etapa
Vaciar el contenido del tubo (aerosol) en el mismo acce ­so del aceite con el motor caliente hasta la temperatura no minal. Arrancar el motor y asegurar su funcionamiento sin marcha durante unos 5 – 10 min.

2-da etapa
Se lleva a cabo en el mismo orden dentro de 100 – 250 km de recorrido.

3-ra etapa
Se lleva a cabo en el mismo orden dentro de 100 – 250 km de recorrido.

El tratamiento se considera acabado cuando el recorrido sea no menos de 1500 km.


Volumen del sistema de aceite del motor, litros 3-10 11-20 21-30
Cantidad de tubos (aerosol), piezas 3 6 9
Esquema del tratamiento por etapas 1+1+1 2+2+2 3+3+3
Cantidad de tubos (aerosol) para los  
motores nuevos
2 4 6

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  • Referencia sobre el producto «XADO Gel-Revitalizant para motores de gasolina»:
  • Андрій 5 stars

    Привет не куплял но хочу купить попробовать

  • Marco Ina Honda 5 stars

    Great product. Believe it to be first generation but if you follow the instructions as stated,it will work. The newer generation of this is better but if you don't mind doing the three step process then this is a viable option. Call or contact Glenn. That's who I deal with!!!

  • Edward USA 5 stars

    n 2004, when I was still living in Ukraine, I had a GAZEL truck. I processed the engine with XADO revitalizant, and it so happened that after a while, on a trip from Kharkov to the city of Lozova, I lost all the oil from the engine, I had to drive 120 km without oil! I drove 120 km without engine oil !!!! Since then, all my cars are treated with XADO revitalizant! I am proud that my compatriots invented such a product! Glory to Ukraine!

  • Keith Pusateri 2 stars

    I bought six tubes. I used 3 of them in a 2006 Audi A4 2.0 Turbo with about 88k miles on it. I used the others in a 2015 Hyundai Genesis with 5.0 V8 and 6k miles. I have run these engine for over 1500 miles each and I have noticed no change in performance or gas mileage.

  • Robert 5 stars

    I have a 1994 Chevy ASTRO AWD with 264,000 original miles with no drivetrain repairs. Last fall, at about 260K miles, I added 4 tubes of the gel revitalizant to the engine and 1 tube of the gearbox gel to each differential plus 2 to the transfer case. On the first 200 mile trip everything seemed to get quieter and smoother. Over the next few months I noticed the fuel mileage had also improved 5-10%. I had hoped the oil pressure would go back up to 60# but instead it dropped slightly from 40 to 38. I suspect this is due to the decreased friction. The oil pump is probably too worn to actually increase. I changed all fluids with the gel additive...synthetic all around as usual. I am planning to add the revitalizant again to the engine this year and also to the auto transmission. I am very, very pleased with the renewed and quiet running drivetrain. Thanks, Xado

  • Jim M. 5 stars

    Purchased three tubes for my 2001 Pontiac GTP at 145K over a month and a half. After the 1st tube and 200 miles noticed motor to smooth out a bit less shaking at stop light. After 2nd tube motor ran smoother and less shaking at stop light and notice increase power. After 3rd tube motor is purrinng like new! Will be buying more for my other vehicles. Amazing!!

  • Alex 5 stars

    My 2003 wrangler 4.0L had a noisy lifter. After adding the first tube of Xado, my noise was gone in only 50 miles. Not only that, I have more power and the engine sounds whisper quiet. If anyone knows Jeep 4.0L engines then they know they are notoriously noisy, so this was a big surprise. The vehicle had 83,000 miles when I added the Xado. I would recommend this stuff to anyone. It is amazing. I'll be telling all my friends to try it. Thanks Xado!!!

  • Larry 5 stars

    I have a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4.0 six cyl - at about 60,000 miles it picked up that 4.0 lifter tick just one lifter I tried everything on the market to get it to stop, it would come and go cold or hot it didn't matter, then I discovered this and said to myself, well...another what the heck...I did the three tube treatment...but just after I added the first tube 2 minutes later the tick was gone I don't mean quite,,,but gone...it's never been back since...and purring like a 4.0 should...I'm happy....