XADO Gel-Revitalizant para cilindros - SIN ENVASES AL POR MENOR

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Destinado para la reparación y restauración del grupo cilindro-pistón del motor. Se recomienda aplicar como un suplemento para la revitalización selectiva de los cilindros que tienen un desgaste considerable y/o defectos superficiales.


Gel-Revitalizant® se introduce por el orificio de la bujía (orificio del inyector o de la bujía incandescente) directamente en las paredes de los cilindros.


1 tubo (aerosol 10 ml) — 1 cilindro

1 aerosol (40 ml) — 4 cilindros

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  • Referencia sobre el producto «XADO Gel-Revitalizant para cilindros - SIN ENVASES AL POR MENOR»:
  • Tyler Bandle 5 stars

    I have an '08 150cc GY6 gokart that I just recently inspected. I took off the head and the cylinder and found no problems with the piston and rings, but there were two VERY small imperfections in the cylinder wall. I decided to use some of this product just for the heck of it even though it wasn't needed. The compression before this was 135PSI and after it was 210PSI no joke! Later after the revitalizant worked its magic, I took off the cylinder and there was actually a ceramic deposit in each imperfection! It was an off-white color and I couldn't feel anything running my finger over the area. THIS STUFF WORKS!!! I wish I could post a picture. It's one thing to have the compression increase to prove it works, but to see the actual ceramic in the imperfections is something of its own.

  • Javier 5 stars

    Suzuki Swift 1600 c.c. engine 225.000 kms within open engine - excelent results - increase pressure per cylinders, Bravo Xado!!, I dont see more smoke by exhaust.

  • Henry 5 stars

    1982 OMC Drive 115HP 2-stroke 4cyl outboard engine had one cylinder with broken rings and furrows up to 1mm deep on the walls of the cylinder . This cylinder had compressing less than 30. The others cylinders - around 70. After replacing the broken rings I made a treatment for all cylinders with Gel-Revitalizant for Cylinders + revitalizant for small engine added to the fuel. After about 10 hours of running the engine I measured compression: the cylinder that had broken rings - 95, the others - 105. Now engine starts and runs like brand new. Bravo XADO.