Automatic Transmission Hard Shifting

Hard Gear Shifting In A Automatic Transmission May Occur Because Of The Various Factors.

Automatic Transmission Problems


  1. Gears Wear-Out.

    Due to the Way of How Automatic Transmission is Set Up Gears' Sprocket Contact Surfaces are Wearing Out, Especially in High-mileage Vehicles. After a Long Period of Time Gears Start Having Scratches and Small Cracks Which Bring to Multiple Problems with Automatic Transmission. Gear Shifting Problem Would Be the Most Common One. Applying Revitalizant® To The Transmission Component Will Restore the Friction Surfaces Or Will Stop Their Further Wear When The Wear Rate Is Critical

  2. Gear shifting parts wear/breakdown.

    To replace worn out parts.

  3. Gear shifting mechanism requires adjusting.

    To adjust a gear shifting mechanism.

  4. Transmission Oil is Low or Transmission Oil Leakage.

    To Change Oil and Check hoses and pipes for leakage.


Our 20+ Years of Work Has Shown That Applying XADO Metal Conditioner To Your Automatic Transmission Components Restores Most Of Automatic Transmission Problem; including but not limited to Minor Parts Wear, Shifting Problems, Noise and Vibration in Automatic Transmission Stick. AND DECREASING FUEL CONSUMPTION