Metal Conditioners



XADO metal conditioners are automotive products designed for friction decreasing and extending of components service life through reinforcing of lubricating film on friction surfaces. Engine metal conditioners by XADO enable increase of engine power and will reliably extend its service life and the quality of operation of the whole vehicle.

Why XADO automotive products are so effective?

The reason for that are active components in metal conditioners which work on the atomic level and improve lubricating properties of regular oil. Atomic metal conditioners with Revitalizant® for engines are capable to eliminate accumulated wear and restore cylinders compression. Revitalizant® particles size is not large than 5mkm, they do not plug up oil filters and channels. It’s worth mentioning that XADO antifriction metal conditioner creates effective multi-level protection system from wear, overloads and overheating.

So you can be sure that XADO metal conditioner won’t harm your vehicle.

Metal conditioners reviews.

Metal conditioners opportunities are difficult to overestimate. And customers reviews are convincing prove for that.

Among metal conditioners advantages are:

Engine and transmission part’s resources extension;

Fuel consumption decreasing;

Cold starts consequences elimination;

Engine temperature lowering and decreasing of oil oxidization rate thus enabling less often oil change.

Compatible with all types of oils;

Money economy.

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