Diesel-Lux - complex fuel treatment

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Complex product designed to improve the properties of diesel fuel and to flush the engine fuel system

It quickly cleans the fuel system from all types of sediments and contaminations. It protects injector valves from burning and clogging up with tarry sediments. The Diesel-Lux Winter (for winter season) significantly depresses the chilling temperature of diesel fuel and prevents formation of paraffin crystals.

  • Cleans the fuel system from carbon, tarry, and vanish deposits; protects it from wear and corrosion
  • Increases cetane number
  • Improves process of fuel combustion
  • Protects fuel system from wear and corrosion
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Decreases the level of toxic exhausts
  • Removes moisture from fuel

Application instructions:

Squeeze out the content of the tube into a fuel tank before refueling.


DIESEL-LUX WINTER (for winter season)

For 50 liters of fuel, depending on the ambient air temperature, °C:

  • from 0 to -20 ................1 tube
  • from -20 to -30................ 2 tubes
  • from -30 to -40................ 3 tubes

DIESEL-LUX SUMMER (for summer season)

  • Repairing dosage (once) - 1 tube per 20 L of fuel
  • Preventive dosage (with every refueling) - 1 tube per 50 L of fuel


Can be used with all types of fuel.

VERYLUBE DIESEL-LUX WINTER is introduced when warmed up to the temperature of 68...77 F into non-thickened (transparent) diesel fuel.

Expert's Advice:

To make the application easy, squeeze the content of the tube into the refueling nozzle before filling.

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