VERYLUBE Belt reconditioner

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Spray for taking care of driving belts of engine assemblies.

The product is designed to take care of V-belts and multiple V-belts of the pump drives of wheel boosters, generators, air conditioners, etc. Effectively cleans surfaces from contaminations, restores elasticity of the belts; protects them from cracking and eliminates slipping.

  • Cleans belt work surfaces from contaminations and oiling, eliminates slipping
  • Restores the structure of belt materials and their tightness
  • Prolongs life span of the belts, reduces wear
  • Protects belts from drying and cracking

Application instructions:

  1. Shake the can
  2. Spray the content onto the work (V-) surface of the belt


No need in rubbing.


320 ml aerosol can (Art. XB 40015)

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