Absolut - oil system flush

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Flush for engine oil system

Quickly and efficiently cleans engine oil systems from all types of contaminations including hard-to-remove varnish. The dissolved contaminations are dispersed, kept in suspension state and then removed with the used oil.

  • Cleans engine oil system up to potential cleanness level
  • Cleans cylinder-piston group and ensures piston rings mobility
  • Eliminates knocking and normalizes the work of hydraulic valve lifters
  • Improves turbo performance

Application instructions

It is recommended to use Verylube Absolute when changing oil or another type of oil.

Step 1: Introduce the flush through the oil-filler neck into the warmed-up engine before oil changing.

Step 2: Let the engine idle for 10–20 minutes. DO NOT DRIVE!

Step 3: Change oil and oil filter.


250 ml (1 can) for 5 liters of oil.

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