Xtreme complex fuel system cleaner

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Fuel system cleaner for Diesel Truck. Effective for all types of fuel systems including Common Rail and Unit Injector (Pumpe-Düse).

  • Cleans nozzles, fuel pipes, pistons and combustion chamber from deposits, prevents their further formation;
  • Improves fuel combustion and reduces its consumption;
  • Removes moisture from the fuel system;
  • Eliminates problems of cold star;
  • Reduces content of harmful components in exhaust gases.

Application instructions:

introduce the cleaner into the fuel tank before fueling.


500 ml of cleaner per 500 L (~130 gal) of fuel; 1 L of cleaner per 1000 L (~260 gal) of fuel.


for better results use the cleaner with every fueling.

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  • Product review «Xtreme complex fuel system cleaner»:
  • Alex 5 stars

    Great product, there is definitely a change that you can sense, engine feels & sounds more powerful. Used on a 2013 Prostar with 700k

  • Robert 5 stars

    Crazy good staff relay. I highly recommend it. I was a very bad spillage fuel, after add the additive greatly improved engine performance.

  • Tony 5 stars

    Works incredibly well, it feels almost immediately after use only. Yet I have never met such a spectacular enhancement, especially if bad or poor quality fuel, highly recommend it to all as the most constant use and better fuel consumption.