Stop Leak

Atomex Stop leak radiator

Atomex Stop leak radiator

250 ml
$ 19 .00



Radiator Stop-Leak Treatment.

Almost each vehicle owner experiences an engine cooling system leak at least once throughout the service life of a vehicle. Is there an odor of cooling liquid in the compartment? Or the vehicle’s windows get misted too fast? Most probably you’ve got leakage in engine cooling system. If there are white stains on the engine, then pump or thermostat breakdown can be diagnosed with confidence. Specific automotive products can help to restore the component avoiding its replacement. Stop-Leak treatment products eliminate leakage.

How do they work?

There are specific components in those products which are able to seal the breach when joining the oxygen in the breach site. Sealing component when contacting the air gets hot and solidifies immediately and thanks to that radiator stops leaking.

XADO Radiator-Stop Leak products and their advantages.

XADO products are among the best for treatment of radiator leakage.

And there’s no surprise in that, because XADO products have indisputable advantages:

  • They eliminate radiator leakage and prevent its emergence in the future;
  • Remove small defects;
  • Improve cooling system operation.

Where to buy seals for radiator?

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